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See, I'm taking the odd road here. Or, at least I think I am.

unownmew is not necessarily a bad person in and of himself, of course of if he was not a troll of course. Yeah, he does disagree with 99% of anything that a liberal would have to say. Yes, he is very LGBT offensive in his posts, and, being straight myself, I personally I have WTF at things like the bridesmaid post.

But, the pedophile thing is more than just what it looks like. If I REALLY wanted to, I could pursue legal action. I AM 17. If my mother had seen some of the posts by unownmew, it could have put the entire forum and Kuno in jeopardy. Think of lawsuits and things like that. A parent with a mission is hard to stop. This was, in my opinion, a good thing to do. He was hypocritical, he was stubborn, he was offensive. And truthfully, despite my intense dislike for religion, I have no problems with people having their own religious beliefs and being in their own long as they respect the other person. I know I am not the greatest in this regard. I have mental issues of my own which keep my emotions for the most part unregulated. But, what I have seen, I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.

And neither would friends of mine. I've multiple friends of mine say to me not to get involved with a person like this. Did i listen? Nope. And I got hurt in the process.

And I agree with the people who believe that this might be just the first step to censorship and repression of opinions. This is a concern. But, in the scheme of things, sometimes freedoms have to take a side to safety, as too much freedom can be bad. It's the reason um was tolerated for so long. If he had gone to another forum, one more politically and religiously minded, do you really think he would have stayed there for long? I don't. This was inevitable, and he started to dive deeper and deeper from "I'm annoying" to "I agree with things that might harm the safety of people on this forum."

It 4:00 in the morning, and I am not the best at typing down my thoughts. Take from that what you will.

tl;dr unownmew should primarily be banned for his pedophilia comments, but, at heart, I'm sure none of us are too sad to see him go. We need to take steps, however, from this forward to make sure that repression of free speech is not impeded.
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