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Originally Posted by hen da man View Post
Ok, I have been reading through this forum and want to just express my opinion on some things.

Firstly, I am a Christian and I can indeed understand UM's position on Gay rights etc. for I don't support it. The difference is I won't knock someone down as a lesser human being because of it. Just because you don't believe in the actions doesn't give you the right to hurt someone who does. I wouldn't of said some of the things he said because purely he was pushing the barriers. For this I do feel he was a little out of line but I understand where he was coming from. Even then, I feel that he was being unfairly judged over the bridesmaid comment because most will agree that it is bad purely from UM but I also don't think the comment was that harsh. I really feel that if that was the reason at all he was banned, that is ridiculous but don't stop reading because I understand it wasn't. But yeah, I would just like to point out that I just don't agree with the whole Gay point but I am not going to judge anyone on this forum because of it, that is just my viewpoint and it is pretty heavily influenced by religion.
Clearly you haven't been reading that thread, but one of the major things that happened there was that he flat out said that if he had a homosexual son he would basically denounce him as a human being unless he did not have any even remotely flirtatious interactions with another male. That's pretty anti-gay right there. And there's a difference between anti-gay and against homosexual behavior in the public eye due to the world not being used to it yet. I am the latter. I am okay with LGBT people and know that they have rights, but I wish for them to be aware of how they act and that there is a time and a place for things and that their PDAs may make some people who are unsure of how they feel about LGBT people uncomfortable.

Second up is the pedophilia claims and all that. Again, as a Christian speaking here, I don't know anything of Mary being 12? I am pretty sure that isn't true but he may know something I don't. I also don't think though that he is a 'pedophile' and just because he said he would accept a 12 year old bride doesn't mean it is what he is wanting. Also, I would hope/imagine if he tried anything with an -18 person on UPN, the person would contact a mod or something. But in all seriousness, I think he was just trying to prove a point.
Being "okay" with anyone even remotely that young in comparison to yourself is just plain creepy, and given that he has a prior offense on this, I don't see the problem with punishing him for being a repeat offender. I am okay with the idea of marriage at ages younger than 18 (and so is the court system in a lot of states as long as it's approved by a parent or legal guardian), but the general rule of creepiness that you should always follow is half your age and add seven (always round up), anything below that is just plain creepy. And if doing this results in an age higher than your own age, you shouldn't be even involved in anything, this means the lowest it can go is 13, and that's only with other 13 year olds and 14 year olds, and really that seems fine by me considering they date at that age anyway, but again it would be something where marriage is a little out of the question unless there would be some sort of outstanding evidence proving that they should be together for the rest of their lives for whatever reason.

Granted though, I never was in conflict with UM for anything and don't understand how bad he was. But on the contrary I am quite neutral on the matter. I do feel that comments from Rangeet, Amras, Deoxys and Blastoise are worth noting and I agree with most of them. I also don't know how bad his personal attacks were so I can't comment on that and I really don't mean to offend anyone in any way. Especially on the whole gay thing because I have a gay friend and I also am getting to know Kairne and I find gay people just as nice as anyone else. These are just my thoughts though so if anyone can show me other stuff, I am happy to consider. Though I also feel that if UM was causing that much of a problem, I could understand him being banned from the Debate forum but the whole forum seems a bit too much and as it has been pointed out, fueled by emotion. But that is totally understandable if such personal attacks have happened.
Rangeet, Amras, Deoxys, and Reed do have valid points on this matter, but then again so does everyone else, it is something that should have been discussed, and I'm sure it probably would have been if things didn't escalate they way they did. I've had few interactions with unownmew myself, given that I regard him as a full blown nut job brought up that way through poor education and an odd family system, but the few I did outside of the Debate forum were at least neutral. It's just that when you got the guy to be able to talk about how he feels about controversial issues he goes so far beyond the extreme that it makes most people who even consider themselves right wing sick.
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