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Round 2: Not now, but soon...

The playing field is even right now, but Farigiraf definitely wants it to lean over in his favor. And what better way than to mess up his opponent?! To do that he taps into his ever-present Psychic power, Dante raises his weapon in anticipation. But a direct attack isn't what his opponent was looking for, what the Cubone quickly finds out as he's suddenly being lifted into the air! It looks like Farigiraf is using some sort of Telekinesis to make it harder for Dante to get around. But Dante is savvy enough to not let this get him down.

Not like he CAN get down, anyway. Meowhaha!

In fact, he looks like he already has a plan; He gnaws on that tool of his real quick, it's soon covered in a sickly purple substance...That's when he concentrates the best he can...and throws it right at Farigiraf! It nails the Girafarig with a satisfying *CLONK!* in the head! It ricochets up and over, where Dante quickly catches it. The blow didn't really hurt, but the gunk that was on the bone got on Farigiraf and quickly sets into his coat. He's starting to feel a tad queasy, looks like a case of bad poison! It won't be long for him to find out that stuff was Toxic, and trouble ahead...

But Farigiraf has bigger things to worry about, for he wants Dante to get a taste of his Psychic powers first hand-- er, hoof! He concentrates hard while his tail snickers, he's just radiating with power...that of which is soon unleashed in one wicked blast of energy that, quite literally, blows the Cubone away! Left reeling a bit more, Dante has already had it with his opponent's Hocus Pocus. So he enploys a bit of power of his own. He spends his energy spawning a number of stone slabs that surround Farigiraf. Said Girafarig looks concerned, while his tail looks pretty unamused. With a swing of his bone, Dante lets the rocks drop and fall dangerously near Farigiraf! It's a practical Rock Tomb, he's cut off on all sides! Fairly distant now, Dante admires his work. While Farigiraf is probably already mulling over on how to get out of this jam...

Something tells me he won't be in there for long, so that Cubone better be up to more than just floating around!

Farigiraf Didn't take any damage at all! He did spend a good bit of energy, though. He can still give it his best, but better be careful not to push himself. He's been Badly poisoned, and will start feeling it next turn...A Rock Tomb blocks his way.

Dante took another hard hit and almost broke through his second third, and spending just as much energy as his opponent. He's looking similar in shape when it comes to staminya. Poison reserves are half of what they used to be, and Rock looks similar. He's under the effects of Telekinesis, it will last for about 2 more rounds.

I wonder what Ragneet will have his partner do now?
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