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Round 1:Make a mess! Make some noise!

And right on cue, our Trainers in question have arrived and are ready to go at it. After pleasantries they send out their partners. Looks like Fairfax's partner has been revealed to have two heads for the price of one, that's a Girafarig! He goes by Farigiraf, and he and his tail are ready to go to work. I wonder which side is leading, though...Ragneet in turn counts on a rather forlorn little fellow, a Cubone to be exact. Fueled by some sort of hidden hatred or sorrow, Dante has his mind made up and is ready to crush whoever gets in his way!

And guess who's doing just that, too! Anyway, let's see what these two are capable of.

Originally Posted by Felyne's Notes

Girafarig (Normal/Psychic): Girafarig's head and tail are linked, so one head is not surprised unless they both are. The tail relies mostly on instinct, and will Bite at anything that comes near it, regardless of what it might be. The tail is also somewhat sensitive to smell, giving Girafarig a slight awareness of targets or threats behind them. Any attack executed with its hooves is 1.2x more powerful.

[Normal]: Normal-type Pokémon are able to use support moves to greater effect than other Pokémon, with them being performed slightly quicker and being slightly more potent. Being beings of great balance, they benefit more from the positive effects of weather and other arena affecting moves, but will not suffer as badly from the negative effects. In the ASB, Normal-types take resisted damage from the damaging effects of Ghost-type energy.

[Psychic]: Psychic-type Pokémon are much more proficient with telekinesis than other Pokémon. Thus, they can use Psychic to move and manipulate targets with ease. Psychic type Pokémon are resistant to flinching, having higher levels of focus and concentration than other Pokémon. They are resistant to attacks which induce confusion or other mental effects. They have limited ability to read minds and are thus more adept at dodging attacks than might be expected and able to mitigate the effects of accuracy reducing attacks. This extends to GMs, where they will have a slightly better impression of Pokémon within their vicinity. Their Psychic support moves (such as Gravity and Magic Room) cost slightly less energy.

Cubone (Ground): A Cubone's face is covered by a skull, which it will not remove willingly. Cubone may not use its respective bone attacks if it is not holding its bone, but to compensate attacks using their bone will deal x1.1 damage due to the hardness of the weapon. Its Skull Bash attack takes slightly less energy than normal to use. Cubone can see in the dark.

: Ground-type Pokémon are considered to be immune to electricity while standing on the ground. If a Ground Pokémon is in the air, they take 0.75x the usual damage from Electric-type attacks, and will take neutral damage from Electric when wet. Ground types do not suffer from recoil damage when using Electric attacks in the water. Ground-type Pokémon are more adept at manipulating outdoor and 'natural' environments than other Pokémon and will spend less energy using Dig, Earthquake etc. This allows them to use Ground attacks on any surface, with the exception of Dig. They can also cause the ground to shake more vigorously when using Earthquake and Bulldoze.
Irony aside, Dante is definitely no Bonehead and decides to keep his distance. He twirls his prized tool around while radiating his familiar Power, no doubt he's readying a strong attack! Farigiraf sees this and wants to stop him before something hurty happens, his front hooves glow a Grassy green when he stomps them on the ground. He hopes that it will nail Dante in time, who's just about to slam his weapon onto the ground! When the Cubone does so, the grass suddenly grows and snags his feet, the resulting Knot surprises him and makes him flop. It doesn't look like much, but it smarts for a Ground type like him...Luckily he's a real lightweight. Farigiraf is sure that did the trick, but then the Earth, along with his high hopes, explodes under his feet in an outrageous burst of power! Both sides of him felt that one for sure.

Dante sits up and snaps the knot, then gives the Giraffe the evil eye. His Trainer told him to watch out if his opponent gets physical, so he holds his attack just in case. And it seems like his prediction was right, as Farigiraf, having shaken off the damage, books it right towards him!

Now Dante is at a clawssroads on what to do! Are they coming in for a close quarters attack, or is he just trying to close distance? And which one of his attacks should he do to stop it? That kind of hesitation can cost ya!

You're right, and in this case it costs the Cubone a good chunk of precious time to react. Enough for Farigiraf to suddenly stop short and let out a HUGE shout! His powered Voice sends a wavering, Hyper-loud soundwave that hits like a noisy brick on Dante's frame, effectively sending him sprawling! Mixed noises of pain and annoyance can be heard from the Cubone when he gets back on his feet, but now he's mad about the noise violation. To that end he belts out a shout of his own, it looses many snoundwaves that waver towards his opponent in a single Round! It's decibels aren't as dangerous as the last dirge, but it still makes its mark on Farigiraf, who unwillingly faces the music. He reels and his tail rants, but also shakes this off as well. More or less back where they started, both pokemon look ready to have at the other again.

Looks like there two are trading blows purretty well, and things can only heat up from here! Let's see who they hold up.

Dante got fairly hurt back there, leaving him slightly worse off than his opponent. Otherwise, he's still good and ready!

Farigiraf Took a bit less damage than his opponent, and used similar energy. He can also give it his best shot, and Grass energy could back up more moves.

Thanks for the recap, now let's see what Fairfax will do now.

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