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Replying to your Kajiura Yuki false alarm death post here because a) she's not really dead and b) I don't think anyone will be much interested in the conversation we're about to begin except for those of us here.

Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
This just in: Kaijura Yuki has died.

Edit: It's a troll, kind of.

She was fired from one of her current composing jobs and it's being reported as "Kaijura is Kill".

Sorry for the false alarm.
Thanks for the edit because I just about had a heart attack reading the original. I just discovered this summer release earlier today, too!

Spoiler: show

I knew it was a long shot, but I was curious to see if I could find Kalafina singing Christmas songs. ¬_¬; While I didn't find that, this (above) was a pleasant discovery.

Doing some investigating on my own, it appears that she's leaving her current talent agency, a group called Space Craft, and it doesn't sound like she's taking Kalafina with her. Reportedly Kajiura is exploring the legal morass of what rights she has to the music she composed while with Space Craft.

Fans seem split over whether they think Kalafina will be okay without Kajiura or whether Kajiura was Kalafina. I'm more inclined towards the latter -- the ladies have lovely singing voices, but Kalafina was definitely Kajiura Yuki's outlet for writing Japanese lyrical songs and it seems to me that, without her vision and guidance, the band will cease to effectively "be" Kalafina anymore.

Fans are also discussing whether Kalafina's three singers wish to leave Space Craft now too, now that Kajiura Yuki has left, or whether they wish to or even have to remain behind. Which is to say -- fans are asking the question, "Can Kalafina regroup outside of Space Craft?" Can Kajiura Yuki helm the three ladies once more under the same name? If not the same name, under a new name?

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