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So I spent my Christmas Eve marathoning this. Why? I dunno.

Funnily enough, I had an opposite experience of Talon where I found myself laughing out loud more within the first four-five episodes than I did the rest of the show. (Except for the first ep, which seemed pretty slow and boring up until the payoff at the end.) Even though objectively I could tell the difference in improved writing quality between seasons, I barely broke past a smile or chuckle here and there in S2. Strange. =/ Could have something to do with it not feeling as fresh or surprising by that point? *shrug*

The one that had me in stitches the most was probably S1E3 ("The Wedding Party"). Maybe it's because I wasn't expecting so much sexual humor in an old British sitcom (especially when the main couple apparently still can't be shown sharing a bed together - or maybe that is by their choice, given the status of their relationship ^^; ), but the piling up of misunderstandings - cliché as they were - amused me greatly.

There were times when it got a bit uncomfortable due to the era, such as in the above when a woman made a homophobic comment in regards to the implication that Basil and Manuel were sleeping together. Though I was able to brush that one off since it went by pretty quickly, S1E6 ("The Germans") did lay it on thick enough to hamper my enjoyment of it, unfortunately.

Still, I thought it was kinda progressive in a way that they were willing to even address homosexuality at the time. The chef in S1E5 ("Gourmet Night") having a crush on Manuel was honestly pretty cute. XP Poor guy.

I agree John Cleese's acting truly makes him the star of the show; his physical breakdown bits are some of the best parts. "The Anniversary" wouldn't have gotten much of a laugh out of me if not for the moment Basil just drops down on the driveway and pounds his fists in despair after his wife drives off. OTL And in S2E2, when he curls up and frog-hops right in front of the psychiatrist and his wife. 8'3 Oh, Basil...

I lightly disagree that the rest of the cast is uninteresting. I at least came to care about Manuel (caricature though he is), if because of all the abuse he suffers at his employer's hands. Polly is probably the dullest of the bunch, but I was honestly curious as to why Sybil stuck with Basil all these years if they butt heads so much. I was half-hoping to see some glimmer of hope by the end that, beneath all the bickering they really do love each other - or at least learn about how they met and got married in the first place. Shame the series ended after only 12 eps. Where's the rest of the story, damnit. >.<

Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Season 2 Episode 4 "The Kipper and the Corpse" was an excellent episode but for one problem: why did Basil feel the need to move the body in the first place? In real life, you'd just lock the door to the room and wait for the coroner to arrive.
To answer this question, I believe it's because the guest was scheduled to leave that day and they had another reservation coming, and all the other rooms were booked.
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