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The round begins with Stern once again rotating his body wildly, using the remainder of his Flying- type energy to generate a towring Twister. Yangchen is buffeted severely by the turbulent gust, but waits patiently for the vicious construct to pass by. As soon as it does, he spews forth multiple balls of Sludge, which career towards Stern. The Staryu has little place to turn as the poisonous Bombs explode all around it, and a screeching noise of pain can be heard emanating from the Staryu. Incensed, Stern spews forth a stream of small stars, the Swift attack quickly permeating Yangchen's body. The Haunter frowns momentarily, but his malevolent grin quickly retakes shape on his face. He holds his hands out before him, condensing and moulding his remaining Grass- type Energy into the shape of a sphere. Lobbing the Ball forward, his grin escapes into a laugh as Stern keels over from the impact, finally being defeated.

Stern is unable to battle! Akanjao, your final Pokemon please.

Yangchen fell into his final third this round, but just barely. He's beginning to tire again however, and could use a small breather.
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