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The round begins with Yangchen patiently hovering, refusing to come into range for Stern. The Staryu makes a disgruntled noise, before once again beginning to sing it's discordant Round, the energy infused sound waves permeating through Yangchen's body and causing him to grimace in pain. The Haunter continues to wait, a malicious grin slowly etching itself onto his face. Stern simply chooses to indulge Yangchen's patience, spinning at incredible speeds before launching a fully formed Twister at it's opponent. Yangchen is buffeted by the attack, ripped from side to side within the turbulent construct, before it finally passes. Yangchen's grin intensifies. He coats his right fist in Electric- type energy, swooping low before delivering yet another brutal Thunderpunch to Stern's body. The Staryu makes a noise which can only be considered a screech of pain, as his health is slowly smashed away.

Stern fell near his final third this round, while Yangchen has finally entered his second, and is quickly approaching the halfway mark. Stern all but requires a one mover next round, while Yangchen is feeling fresh following his own breather.
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