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Python was very daring. As a result, it failed far more often than it succeeded. For every one Norwegian Blue or cheese shoppe skit we got, we got nine offensive and/or obnoxious and/or daft and/or dull sketches. It was never a favorable ratio, and I think the only reason people look so fondly back on Monty Python's Flying Circus is for the creme de la creme and not the whole picture.

Keep in mind: we're not including the films in this. No Life of Brian, no Holy Grail, none of it: just the television program.

Just watched episode 5 of Fawlty Towers. Good, yes, but not good enough still. Up next is what is apparently a very famous episode, so it's make-or-break time for Fawlty Towers, it seems. Good luck, Basil!
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