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Originally Posted by Lil'twick View Post

Bedlam City, a place that seems to be under constant chaos. It was a place that Austin subconsciously craved, a place to go wild. While he has hidden himself away for the most of the previous year, he was ready to go out again. Out of the willow tree and into the chaos of the city. Bedlam was much more wild and untamed compared to Virbank. Despite the occasional theft or scuffel with street punks, Virbank was just a port city, no more no less. Here, the Ridge was alive. It was breathing by itself, and that was something the teen craved.

The streets and the ally ways of the mall felt like home. The graffiti and decrepit buildings were in a way beautiful and wondrous. Adjusting his beanie, Austin continued to wander the streets of the old shopping district. This was supposedly Rib territory, a gang that was similar to Alola's Team Skull. If they were truly like Skull, then perhaps their sense of family would be just as strong. Family has been something Austin has lacked for awhile, and even so he had his team, there was still a hole in his heart.

He took a sip of the frappe he bought earlier, Austin looked around. The taste of matcha lingered on his tongue, and there were still some java chips in his mouth. Seeing no one around, he sat on a piece of rubble nearby. He scratched his head, and saw a small strand of orange hair come back with his fingers. He needed to use more conditioner. It was a while since he last dyed his hair too, so that's a problem. At least he's come out of his shell a lot more. He doesn't wear the mask anymore, able to get some cosmetic surgery done within the previous year. In a way, it allowed him to open up more. And that's why he came here, to open up more. Hopefully he'd be able to find a Rib soon. Getting up, he continued wandering the streets.
A dull, pleasant sense of some unknown emotion wells up in the back of your mind as you wander the streets of Bedlam City. The chaotic atmosphere feels luxuriant to you, feeling even better than that of Virbank City. Here, you could be alive. You could roam free, at your leisure, with nothing stopping you. After all, the law was, at least mostly, a thing of the past here in Bedlam Ridge, much as the Marshals tried. They couldn't fight a two-front war against both the Shells and Ribs.

Speaking of the Ribs, you find yourself wandering into their territory, perhaps on purpose. You think of the gang's supposed similarity to Team Skull, wondering if they could offer you the sense of family you hadn't felt in so long. Even with your team beside you, there was something about a group of other people having your back that simply couldn't be replaced. Gazing around at all the graffiti tags scattered around the edifices, the broken windows resembling mangled jaws of glass, somehow you feel more at home here than you had at Virbank.

As you take a moment to rest on some nearby rubble and note to yourself to use more conditioner, you hear some shuffling from around a corner. Quickly turning to look, you see no one there. A light rain begins to fall on the area. Deciding that getting out of the rain is more important than some spooky noise, you decide to get up when you hear the shuffling sound again. This time, however, it's accompanied by a voice.

"Hey! You want some?" you hear, a girl's voice, a young one at that. You turn around to see a girl approaching you. She is fairly pale, with matte blue eyes-or at least, the one you can see is such a color. Her hair, a somewhat messy undercut, is jet black, and bangs cover her right eye. She wears a dull green crop top and short, worn denim shorts, complete with worn-looking gray crew socks, likely once white, and equally grimy tennis shoes. Spiked bracelets adorn both her wrists. She has a Poké Ball in her hand, and she doesn't seem happy with you. Suddenly, however, another voice cuts in as well, from the direction you'd just been facing.

"This is Rib territory, trespasser! You're not going anywhere now...besides with us!" it says nastily, the speaker stepping out from behind the other side of the building next to you, another young girl, probably friends with the first. This girl has a slightly darker complexion, her eyes a dull red, probably from contacts, with messy cornrows of a similar color. She wears a solid green dress mottled with mud spots and patches, with ripped-up striped knee socks and a similarly dirty pair of shoes. She also has a Poké Ball with her, and has just as fierce a look as her friend.

"That's right! Just give up and come with us, or there'll be trouble!" the first girl says, clearly confident in what she's saying. The two expand their Balls, ready to deploy their contents at a moment's notice, slowly closing in on you. Even though these girls look no older than 12, they seem to be with the Ribs, and they mean business. They don't seem like they'd be willing to talk, either, and they have you surrounded, leaving you with no safe means of escape. You haven't much time to make a decision...

What will you do?

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