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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
The Temporary City Zone

The Bastion of Vacuous Dreams (Neutral): The centrepiece of the city located fittingly in the middle, the Bastion of Dreams was the main government building, stretching into the skies, and where the Goldenridge Council met their bloody end. The enormous structure yet stands, but no side dares to contest for the obvious vantage for fear of what lies within. Legends state that the building was constructed above and around a shrine to a creature of unknown origin said to sway the minds of those who happened upon it. As a result, it is largely abandoned, and many of the valuable documents within are up for grabs, though rumours have it that the final survivor of the council resides within, watching the world crumble around her, with an enigmatic force keeping her safe. Even the deities know not what pokemon are brave enough to reside within, but one thing is certain: those who have ventured in...have never emerged again. Reply in Dark Green.
Kneeling down to one knee, a young trainer ran his hand along the smooth cracks of a former statue’s shattered marble remnants. Above him, the colossal Bastion of Dreams rose to meet and then surpass clouds above, a plethora of them hanging low in the sky to provide a smothering fog for the city below. Returning to his feet, Spark wiped the surface’s chilled dew from his hand onto the outside of his pine colored windbreaker. He had weathered the previous night’s deluge in a makeshift camp outside of the decimated city, but the downpour left a permeating mist throughout the area. Despite the accompanying hardships, he wasn’t about to let a storm deter him from reaching his destination, even if curiosity was his sole impetus. For a seemingly endless couple of months, Spark had been detained by incessant obligations in Central Fizzytopia, far too busy to venture outwards into the fantastical worlds around him. But finally, he had fulfilled his last responsibility and was free to search for his next journey. Luckily, the perfect opportunity presented itself immediately in the form of leaflets being pinned all over the city streets. While the pressing conflict between the Shells and the Ribs was the reason behind the request for help, Spark’s eyes were drawn to the low quality, but captivating image of a stately tower, the illustration kicking his inquisitive mind into action. Mystery, conflict, and challenge all seemed to await him in Bedlam Ridge.

“Krow.” A curt caw jolted the mesmerized trainer out of his stupor. Landing on a crumbling mass nearby, Chord shouted another call to get his trainer’s attention, straining his voice to emphasize his tedium.

“Look, I’m sorry you got bored up there, but I’d rather you suffer through a little flying than get jumped by any of those thugs,” Spark responded as he returned to his trek towards the tower, passing right by the irritated Murkrow. Not a second later, an ear-splitting explosion detonated in the distance, followed immediately by a resounding cacophony of gunfire and screaming. Even though none of the violence was near the edifice thanks to the stigma surrounding it, the sheer magnitude and suddenness of the noise caused the two to flinch in shock. After a few moments, the current spell of street warfare had died down, but it was obvious to the two that it would only be a matter of time until the next turf war would begin. Recovering from the aural bombshell, Spark shook his head and pressed onwards down the litter ridden street.

“Murk,” Chord grumbled, reluctantly catching up to Spark and perching on his shoulder, a peeved expression plastered on the bird’s face.

“Complain all you want. We aren’t going home any time soon. Even if there’s nothing left here, I want to make sure that’s the case before we go. But given what’s happened…who knows what’s waiting inside,” Spark wondered, a robust sensation of anticipation swelling in his chest as he turned his attention back to the imposing bastion. Ignoring Chord’s annoyed grumbling, Spark readjusted his backpack and kept walking straight ahead.
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