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The Ribcage Mall (Ribs): To the south-east, the once-gloroius shopping district has all but collapsed into a hoodlum's haven of cracked windows, spray paint and the very home of the rebellious Ribs. Many of the stores have been long ransacked and looted, and the very air around the location is one of unease, with each corner potentially hiding a thug ready to leap out and rob you in broad daylight. The Ribs care not for domination and running the city, but rather see it as their playground and wish to expand into other locations, at the behest of their boss. Those who wish to try the life of a street gangster would do well to check the area out as they are always welcoming to new members, though crossing them will leave you in a sticky situation. Despite the state of the place, many urban pokemon have made the mall their home, enjoying the organised medley of craziness. Reply in Cyan.
"It's raining, it's raining, oh sweet Celebi, it's raining!"

Tate sprinted through the unfamiliar streets of the city, Kai following in her trainer's tracks. The Vaporeon -- recently evolved and still unused to her newly aquatic nature -- was none-the-less exasperated by Tate's overdramatic reaction to water falling from the sky. A lot had happened since stumbling into the city, and it was rain that pushed Tate to theatrics?

They hadn't been in Goldenridge long. After a failed mission to a radio station farther inland, the pair had been returning to the Fizzytopian coast on the other side of the district. News of upset --possibly an assassination -- had made its way southeast by the time they were preparing for the return trip, but Tate hadn't expected to find a city in turmoil. For a day they'd been wandering largely blindly through the metropolis, just trying to escape the bedlam, when an incoming storm had driven them -- or at least Tate -- to seek shelter.

Across the street, the glow of what appeared to be trashcan fires piqued the harried trainer's interest. The blazes partially illuminated the exterior wall of a massive concrete structure in a quickly fading, ethereal glow as the increasing rain began to smother the embers. Billboards and signages painted a vivid image; it appeared to be an abandoned shopping mall. Even if it was locked, they could probably camp out under one of the awnings, Tate figured, simply.

With only a cursory glance to either side to check for cars, Tate bolted -- with Kahakai -- across the street, and down a small embankment into the mall's rear parking lot. Strange ciphers were spray painted onto nearly every immobile surface, but in the hurry and the rain, Tate didn't see them. Rather, excited for a reprieve from the damp, Tate failed to slow down adequately, and collided with the exterior door to a shop with an audible thud that shook the glass.

"Oh-... it says 'pull'," Tate chuckled, half-joking, and pointed to a small, peeling sticker in the corner of one pane, looking to Kahakai. The water-type appeared no more damp than usual, despite the now torrential rains. The Vaporeon stood her head, unimpressed with her trainer's antics. She stretched, and then pawed the door jam, demanding to be let inside. Tate grabbed the handle and pulled, seeing if it would open.

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