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Round 3: You're gonna hear me *puts up soundproofing*

With both Pokemon um...where are both Pokemon anyways? Ahhh ok both Pokemon are about the same. Okay. Alright. Wyrmblade starts off by taking advantage of the fact that he is a very long, very big snake, and let's out a bellowing roar. This would probably make any junior ref shit their pants, its truly terrifying stuff, but for a ref of my caliber (haaaaaaaaaaa) I am completely unfazed! So is Richter, who managed to put up a soundproof shield up in time, although I fail to see what purpose this accomplishes. It's not like Richter would have been that scared really. Oh well, I'm not here to judge (who am I kidding I'm always judging you) and the match segways into the next half, with nothing much happening! THERE ISN'T A LOT HERE FOR ME TO DESCRIBE GUYS.

With his opponent not spooked but also with nothing preventing him for trapping him, Wyrmblade slams his tail into the ground, willing for rocks to rise up out of the ground and trap his opponent! Wait. Roar? Rock Tomb? Concept, are you shadow ordering for Cele? Anyways, four very big rocks rise up out of the ground and surround Richter, trapping him in nicely. This does not matter to Richter, because despite not just being a badass, he has a plan to escape. Suddenly, the rocks around him begin to rise into the air as he uses his terrakinetic powers, and he flings them at Wyrmblade, causing a large rock slide to happen. Since Wyrmblade is pretty big, he can't avoid it and takes a nice chunk of damage. No type charts! But Richter looks pretty tired after that.

Condition: Wyrmblade is right on the border of the second third, and both used energy, although Richter needs a break.
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