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Thor's Thundurus Arrival

A terrible storm had blown in from the east, certainly the worst they had experienced in their short time at the valley fort. The sky was pitch black, only temporarily lighting up as lightning danced through the storm clouds. The clap of thunder shook the foundations of the fort, putting everyone on edge, none more so than Sigurd. The Gallade was unsettled, he could sense something was off. The storm seemed to have a presence, a purpose. He reached out with his mind, hoping to find the source of his unsettlement. It didn't take long, the mind he felt was powerful, stronger than average and certainly out of the ordinary. It seemed to have taken position atop the mountain on the east side of the lake, which sealed off the valley from the ocean on the other side.

Sigurd wrapped his cape around him as he left the fort, he didn't wish to disturb Jayson or Valka, the couple had retired to their chambers a few hours ago. He would solve this mystery on his own, he was more than capable of doing so. It took him longer than usual to scale the mountain, battling against the furious storm slowed him considerably. The storm grew stronger as he grew closer to the conscious he could sense, could it sense him as well? A tingle ran down the Gallade's neck, he instinctively jumped backwards, just in time to avoid a bolt of lightning. Sigurd suddenly found himself under attack, a seemingly endless barrage of Thunderbolts rained down on him as he continued his mad dash up the mountain.

Sigurd gasped for air as he reached the plateau, the strikes had stopped but for how long was uncertain. He could sense the conscious of the opposing Pokemon was nearby, but where? Above him, of course! He shouted upward with a Disarming Voice, hoping to draw out his mysterious opponent. His ploy was successful as the clouds above him began to crackle and mysterious blue Pokemon descended onto the plateau. It had a somewhat serpentine appearance, hovering above the ground the Pokemon starred ominously at Sigurd.

"You're the source of this storm aren't you? Why are you here?" Sigurd hoped to avoid direct combat, the Pokemon had an air about it that left him feeling unsettled. He established a mind link, hoping it would be willing to communicate with him.

"You stand before the legendary Thundurus, Bringer of Storms. I carry with me a gift from Arceus, sent to earth to prove himself." The Thundurus's voice sent a chill down Sigurd's spine, as if each word carried a great weight. "I leave him in your care, see to it that he fulfills his destiny."With a flash of lightning and clap of thunder the legendary Pokemon was gone. The storm faded almost as fast, illuminating the plateau and the lone egg that now rested where the Thundurus was. It was bright yellow with a striking black thunderbolt, like no egg he had seen before. He unclipped his cape, whipping it around cover the egg and keep it warm. Jayson and Valka would want to see this.

Everyone was enjoying breakfast when Sigurd returned to the fort, the egg nestled in his arms. Jayson and Valka were astonished when they heard his story and excited to see what would hatch from the egg. The big reveal happened four weeks later, Sigurd had barely taken his eye off the egg since he first laid eyes on it. Still wrapped in his cape, the egg began to shake. Shards of egg began to splinter off before the egg burst open, revealing a young Elekid. The Electric type began to windmill his arms, quickly generating a powerful electrical charge. Thinking quickly, Sigurd clipped the cape around the Elekid's neck which surprisingly soothed the hatchling. The Gallade knew just the name for their new teammate and Jayson agreed, Thor was now one of them.

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