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But in what cases would priority be necessary for a Pokemon so fast? What brings this up is I see Waterium Z is listed now as a valid alternative to Choice Specs and that doesn't make sense all else being equal. I feel like if you're going to run a nuke, you should double down on the nuke's overall power and break things people don't expect you can break.

My guess is Waterium Z is run because dropping Hydro Vortex off Hydro Pump increases the chance of KO and thus transformation, which leaves you with a stronger Protean Greninja without the coverage moves and defensive protection. But, if you're going that route, I think Water Shuriken or Hydro Pump should be dropped in favour of Hydro Cannon.

Hydro Vortex is significantly more powerful with Hydro Cannon as the base, and post-transformation Hydro Cannon is more powerful than the pre-boosted Hydro Vortex. It's basically like getting two shots of Hydro Vortex and allows chances at OHKO's against neutral targets, like against Arceus - Fighting.

Both Pump/Cannon are 5-8 PP moves. So to me, you're either using Dark Pulse or Water Shuriken as your main post-transformation moves, since Hydro Pump is usually neutral damage and has a much higher risk considering the lower damage and accuracy.
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