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Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
GO changed that since it's more valuable than all of Pokemon's other revenue-generating sources combined, even with Nintendo only getting a small slice of the action. Niantic has displaced GameFreak as the centre of the Pokemon universe, but they currently don't have the ability to introduce new IP.

That's all SS is then: a vehicle to introduce new IP for everything else to work with. The game's sales are relatively unimportant because it'll get integrated into GO in 2020 and Go will continue to rake in billions per year.
From what I can find, it seems like Pokemon GO has made around $2.5 billion from launch to about April of this year. Finding the revenue split from Nintendo is a bit more complicated because the numbers aren't super out there, but I've seen at least one figure at 17% (roughly 1/6th) so let's use that. This means that from its launch in 2016 until now, Nintendo has probably made around $415 million.

If we look at individual sales of recent Pokemon games and assume they are all sold at release price (which is $40 I believe, and $60 for LGPE):

Pokemon LGPE: $637,800,000
Pokemon USUM: $320,000,000
Pokemon SM: $640,000,000

Which will total at about $1,597,800,000. There's an extra $15 million from VC releases of RBY, and probably some more from the GSC releases.

I'm not going to so super in-depth with this, but I'm not entirely sure things line up. Pokemon GO isn't a PaD or F/GO in terms of spending. It would be completely remiss to say that GO isn't important, but I don't believe it's eclipsing the games. GO is a fairly good consistent revenue stream, but Niantic is taking most of the money home, not Nintendo.
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