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Originally Posted by Lady Kuno View Post
The issue is they announced that going forward, there will always be cut Pokemon from each game. And the justification for doing so are the animations. Which are the same from XY all those years ago.
Well, that's the explanation, but it's obviously not true. We only have to look at the transition from BW2 to XY, GF can absolutely adapt 600+ existing models if they made 600+ over a six year development period.

Masuda is lying and just gave a bad excuse. It's not laziness either. It's in GameFreak's interest to have a dex rotation like literally every other anime based media: it's better for balance and better for VGC, and also allows them to award new powerups to the same super popular Pokemon.

Originally Posted by Lady Kuno View Post
You are correct. The issue here is that basically almost every fan considered LGPE to be a side game, but Game Freak saw it as a core game. And if no one complained about a cut dex core game on the switch before, why would they complain now?

Unfortunately, this falls on gamefreak for being so incomprehensibly lazy. They had an opportunity to, in LGPE, make at least SOME new attack animations for their reduced roster. That would have allowed them to put in Pikachu, and Charizard, and whoever in Sword/Shield with some animations already done.

Instead, GF is turning into the new EA. I can't wait for Pokemon 2020 next year, I wonder who will be on that roster.
It was basically America that ruined everything. LGPE sank like a stone in Japan, even with Japan's robust GO population.

Nintendo is super super salty that most of the profit from GO is going to Niantic instead of them, which is why we are getting Masters which is a Nintendo-controlled project (they own DeNA). Unfortunately, Nintendo only knows how to litigate and is too closed-minded to innovate when it comes to Pokemon. Their ultra conservative approach to all games since XY are proof of this.
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