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They glided along the river, making sure not to get too close to the boats. The last thing they needed was everyone looking at them because they'd managed to set a few boats alight. I mean people there were plenty of people looking at them already, it wasn't everyday you saw a Mega Charizard X flying around. Xander had heard about the festival and decided to make a short detour for it. It was a chance to relax with his Pokemon and see something new. There were plenty of other trainers starting to show up, most showing off their Dragon type Pokemon. Xander only had the one, but his grandfather had a handful of powerful Dragon Pokemon. While he and Charizard slowly glided up and down the river, a few of his Pokemon raced among the growing crowd.

The trio moved swiftly, slipping between legs and doing their best not to trip anyone up. Treecko leapt into the air, artfully dodging a small child as he somersaults midair before landing and breaking back into a sprint. Froakie, finding himself a bit boxed in, springs up onto the shoulders of a random person before leaping from shoulder to shoulder, heading for a more spacious area. Chimchar on the other hand chose to shoulder his way through, squeezing and shoving his way though the forest of legs. They regroup once they reach a clearing in the crowd and drop their haul on the ground. Froakie reached into his frubbles and pulls out a Net Ball. Chimchar grins as he drops he waves a red envelop around, opening it up he finds $500 inside, Xander would be pleased! Treecko plopped a small metal container of Luck Incense on the ground. They always seemed to be short on luck after all. He then placed a small treat wrapped in seaweed on the ground. All three looked at each other, all eager to consume the treat. Xander wouldn't want it, it'd been on the ground after all. There was only one way to solve this.


Two rocks and a paper! Froakie's webbed fingers were spread out, as was the smile on his face. He grabbed the Zongzi and quickly unwrapped it, consuming the rice with a few small bites. With that sorted, it was probably best for them to head back. Xander would be waiting to see what they had found!

1x Net Ball
1x Luck Incense
1x Zongzi (feeding to Froakie, teaching him Toxic Spikes

Thanks Alice!

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