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Orlando felt a twinge of sadness for this poor girl, fallen victim to whatever vicious creature had so heartlessly taken her life, and for her Pikachu who had to endure it all, only to be haunted by her trainer's spirit. He watched on as the girl's form came to comfort the poor Pikachu before her attention was brought to him. In a brief moment, he recoiled instinctively as she turned towards him, but as her countenance softened, he stood down. With a forlorn sigh, she looked him directly in the eyes.

"It ... it happened all so fast. I never stood a chance. I don't even know who ... what did this to me. My Pikachu almost died trying to save me, and was forced to flee when she realised she couldn't. I wasn't strong enough to protect myself or her. I only wanted to make sure she was never put through that again ..."

Orlando stood, still not entirely processing what had happened, wary of what was to come. He felt the air thicken before the girl spoke up again.

"I ... I can trust Pikachu to you, right? You'll ... you'll protect her?"

Orlando did not hesitate to reiterate. "Definitely," he replied resolutely. Wanting to affirm his promise, he reached into his pack and pulled out a single Oran Berry, kneeling down to offer it to the frightened Pikachu.

"Here, this will make you feel better."
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