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His first guess was a flop. The feeling of helplessness grew even worse. Orlando swallowed. What was this... thing? Time was running short. Maiya was straining to hold it off, as it continued to writhe and screech and spit bloody bubbles. He tried to remember what he had just seen before chasing Pikachu into the swamp...

"That's it!" he exclaimed under his breath. Everything clicked. The bones, the Frillish's obsession with Pikachu.

"Those bones! That was you! You're the girl whose bones were picked clean!" Orlando shouted, "Why are you tormenting your poor Pikachu? Leave her be!"

Max's nose twitched.

"Keep your guard up Max, I think she's trying to take her old Pikachu with her. If she gets near again, Peck to keep her off."
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