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Orlando felt helpless, the most helpless he had been in a while. This Frillish - or whatever it was - just wouldn't let up, and anything he did to attempt to stop it just seemed to egg it on. Max's best efforts proved futile as the ghastly apparition blew him away effortlessly. This let the jelly approach Pikachu unfettered, wrapping her in an almost familiar embrace. Attempting to free her, Orlando pried at its strangling tentacles, but with little success. If anything, it only makes its grip tighter, holding firm as a calm, almost motherly expression crosses its face. It almost seemed as if it cared for this poor Pikachu that it was slowly suffocating... What was this thing...?

"Child, stand back," Marion warns, producing a tag from her clothes, "Clear out a space. We need to start the ritual now, before the blood moon reaches its apex."

Orlando stumbles backwards as Marion begins her incantation, setting the tag ablaze. The light causes Frillish to recoil, dropping her victim in the mud. Max manages to recover at about the same time, charging the ghost for some revenge. Orlando sees Pikachu heaving in the mud, desperately clinging onto shreds of life. She needed help. Orlando needed to do something. But hte Frillish had to be dispatched first.

Marion's incantation began in earnest, the arcane and esoteric words floating through the air wistfully. It was almost like a sweet song, a lullaby, but Frillish clearly didn't think so. The ghost began to cringe and wail, screaming with a voice robbed from the dead. Marion's sweetness melts into a growl, causing the Frillish even more pain as it continues to reach for Pikachu.

"The spell is almost complete," Marion calls, "This is definitely no Pokémon. In order to finish, we need to call out the creature's true identity. Reveal it for what it really is, instead of this mortal guise."

Not a Pokémon... at least not anymore... Orlando thinks, watching it desperately claw for the Pikachu.

"You!" Orlando calls, "Why would you do this to your child?! Why would you make her suffer?! Just because you've lost your life, doesn't mean you should take hers too! Have mercy!"
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