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Though Orlando is aware of the all too likely possibility of being outmatched by any hostile creatures lurking in the forest due to his relative inexperience, he knows that exercising caution will not soothe the desperate Pikachu's pleas. Using glossy leaves as a method to mark his trail, he assures the brothers that he is only taking a quick look, and that he will turn back the moment that danger rears its ugly head. The two brothers give each other a slightly worried expression, but with a slight nod from Lock, Paul stands up.

"Sorry, but it ain't right lettin' you go alone, kiddo. Lock'll man the fort for us. I've got yer back." Paul gives Orlando a reassuring smile, reaching for his Pokeball. From the red and white device, the silhouette of a rather large ant emerges, gleaming silver in the campfire light. The Durant clicks its jaws, its red eyes focused on Max. It seems to be sizing the Nidoran up.

"Play nice, Bullet," Paul warns, and the Durant looks away. It seems somewhat disappointed. Paul turns to Orlando and nods. "Lead the way."

Orlando, Paul, Max & Bullet carefully follow the Pikachu through the forest, leaving behind a trail of glossy leaves, which Bullet further helps identify by marking them with his distinctive mandibles. Eventually, the Pikachu lets out a cry and darts forward into the underbrush. As Orlando turns in the direction the Pikachu is running, he notices human and Pokemon footprints that seem to be a few days old, which are marked with smears of a dried, brownish substance. Paul looks down and grimaces.

"Somethin' real bad happened here," he comments. No sooner than he finishes his sentence do you hear a horrible cry coming from the underbrush. It sounds like it came from the Pikachu!

What will Orlando do?
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