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Orlando was conflicted. The poor Pikachu seemed desperate for assistance. But wandering around the forest at night was probably not advisable. It was definitely far more prudent to wait out the night and see what the problem was when it was light out. Even with his reasonable survival skills, Orlando was still not much of a trainer, and defending himself against any malicious Pokémon was probably not going to be an easy task, even with his eager little rabbit at his side.

But Orlando wasn't much of one for prudence.

"I'm just gonna take a look," Orlando replied, grabbing a nearby stick and lighting it in the fire, "If it gets hairy, we'll turn back."

He grabbed a fistful of thick, glossy leaves from the bush nearby, clutching them in his fist to drop them as a marker of the way back.

"We shouldn't be long," Orlando turned to the Pikachu, "You ready to go, buddy?"
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