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In contrast to the rather fearful expressions on Paul and Lock's faces, Orlando maintains his composure, reasoning that the rodent-like cry is likely to have a very mundane explanation despite the supernatural story that preceded its arrival at the campsite. Little Max regards the uninvited visitor with great curiosity, which bolsters Orlando's confidence even further. After lightly chiding the two step-brothers for acting like children, Orlando holds his can of beans close to the bush, encouraging the creature inside to have some. A long moment of hesitation and a few muffled cries follow, as if the poor, nervous thing isn't sure whether to risk revealing itself for the sake of some food... Eventually, however, a tiny yellow face with red cheeks emerges from the bush, looking gaunt and tired. The little black nose sniffs the beans, and takes a very cautious nibble before darting back into the bush. The two men are immediately startled by the emergence of the Pikachu's face, letting out a simultaneous gasp and flinching backward.

"It's... it's just like the story," Lock finally says, with Paul nodding in agreement. "But I guess it ain't no demon Pikachu... I ain't heard'a no demon that likes baked beans."

The Pikachu head emerges once again, giving Orlando a deep, meaningful stare before suddenly gobbling up the entire can of beans; hunger seems to have gotten the better of the Pikachu's timidness, and the little creature practically licks the can clean. Once it is finished with its meal, it turns to the Nidoran at Orlando's side. After a moment of consideration, the Pikachu decides to speak.

Pika-pika, pi-pikachuuuu... Pikaa. The creature communicates in a quiet, nervous tone, but Max's gaze seems reassuring. With a nod from Max, the Pikachu fully emerges from the bush, and points in the direction of the dark forest, looking straight up at Orlando. Max also looks up at Orlando expectantly. Both Lock and Paul shake their heads, turning towards the two Pokemon as they speak.

"You lil' critters need to wait until mornin' if yer plannin' on goin' out there... It's dangerous at night." This statement from Lock only makes the Pikachu even more insistent, and it gives Lock a sad, pleading cry. It was enough to make one's heart break in two... but Lock has a point. Going out into the darkness, regardless of what Pikachu wants, could be a dangerous endeavor indeed. Plus, the little Pikachu looks as if it could use some sleep in a safe place.

What will Orlando do?
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