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"Ghost stories, huh?" Orlando asked, taking a seat on a log and slinging his pack in his lap, "Well, I can't say I know many, but there is one I have heard before..." He whipped a flashlight out from his pack, holding it under his chin and flicking it on to cast a shadow over his face.

"It's called The Red Man... Long ago, before the disasters, possibly before any of us were even born, a young trainer took the Kanto League Challenge. He was the best trainer the circuit had ever seen, beating all the Gym Leaders in record time with little effort. His team was said to be made of some of the rarest Pokémon from the region, but his signature Pokémon was a little Pikachu, whose looks and stature hid its fearsome power. On his journey, however, there was always another boy, his childhood friend, always one step ahead. These two were fierce rivals. Their rivalry was so vicious that some claim the boy killed his rival's Raticate in battle, and the ghost of the rat still haunts the S.S. Anne, even today, beached in Vermillion Harbor. The boy's rival managed to beat every Gym right before he did. When the boy finally faced the Elite 4, he found that the champion had been dethroned, and his rival was in his place. They say that the boy, so enraged by his rival's new position, fought him in a brutal battle that brutally injured his rival's Pokémon, outright killing his starter. After the boy's victory, he disappeared into the mountains, never seen from again...

"They say that, on the mountain, you can still hear the ghost of the boy's rival, calling for his trainer. Some say that the boy still lurks there, waiting on the peak for the day when the cold will finally take him. They say that he will take any challengers that will face him, but he is without mercy and will always fight to the death. If you refuse to fight him, he'll chase after you, and kill you outright.

"If you ever find yourself lost on Mt. Silver, look out for a man in a Red hat... If you see him, you better run, because if he or his Pokémon catch you, it's lights out."

With that, he dramatically switched the flashlight off and chuckled.

"It's something my mom used to tell me to keep me off the mountain. I always thought it was scary as a kid, but not so much now.
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