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Scraggy The Rehabilitation of Orlando Aquino

Quest Log

Returning to the Viridian Forest after all these years was a bittersweet feeling for Orlando. It was strangely nostalgic, returning to a place where he spent the earliest days of his childhood. His memories were fond, yet fuzzy. Much of his young life was lived among the resurrecting ruins of Olivine, and although he hoped to return to his adopted home one day, now was not the time. For now, he sought his past elsewhere.

Only a few months on the boat and on the wagon, Orlando hadn't exactly lost his sea legs. With only a handful of provisions that he could rustle up, he looked north, towards the mountains he once called home.

But before he could get there, he'd have to figure out where he was.

"Dammit, this damn map is totally useless. We should have been in Viridian hours ago," he grumbled, smacking his PokéGear with his palm.

A buddy of his who ran a small boat to the Seafoam Islands had agreed to give him a ride to the edge of Pallet and to drop him at the edge of the forest en route to Vermillion. He had assumed that he'd be able to make it the rest of the way without a hitch; after all, he was a fairly competent navigator and had lived here before. What he didn't anticipate, however, was the wild growth and inaccuracy of his map, and he quickly found himself turned around. He knew he was close, but the inconsistent and overgrown paths kept screwing with his sense of direction. After an hour of frustration, he slumped against a tree.

"What the hell am I gonna do? I've got maybe two hours until sunset and not a single Pokémon. That's it. I'm done. Over. Doomed."

Head hung low, he barely noticed when his pack was being dragged off, only realizing that it was gone after a grimy spare Poké Ball he had found in the swamp had rolled out and bumped his knee.

"H-hey!" he exclaimed, scrambling after the thief.

He quickly swiped at the strap, tugging the bag back, and noticed the culprit. A spiny little purple lagomorph had his buck teeth firmly clamped on the pack's fabric, clearly looking to get at what's inside.

"Man, let go!" Orlando yanked the bag away, finding little resistance from the Poison Point Pokémon. Instead, the Nidoran simply sat there, staring at him quietly.

Orlando glared at the rabbit for a moment, but he continued to sit and stare, only twitching his nose.

"I guess you don't mean any harm..." Orlando reflected, "I bet you're just hungry."

He reached into his bag, bringing out a small chunk of leftover bread he had stashed from the boat. It was a little stale but he was sure the Nidoran wouldn't mind. He offered it to the Nidoran, who soundlessly accepted, chomping at the crusty roll. Orlando pet the Nidoran's head, careful to avoid the spines.

"What're you doing out by yourself, little guy? I didn't think Nidoran traveled alone." The little rabbit twitched his ears and nuzzled Orlando's palm, "You by yourself, too, huh?"

The Nidoran shifted around, looking a little restless. Without warning, he hopped over to the Pokéball that had escaped his pack, curiously nudging it. Before Orlando could react, the ball popped open, sucking in the little rabbit.
Orlando watched curiously, fully expecting it to burst open again. But, after three shakes, the ball settled, marking Orlando's first (although inadvertent) capture since his childhood. Scratching his head, he picked up the Poké Ball, wiping the dust and dirt on his jeans. He tapped the center button, releasing the Nidoran.

"So you want to go with me, huh? You're rather quick to choose, aren't you? I give you a little bit of stale bread and already you're looking to commit?" The Nidoran looked back unflinchingly. "Well, okay then. I suppose I like that. I'm Orlando."

Orlando knelt down, offering a hand. The little Nidoran sniffed it and nuzzled his palm again.

"I guess you'll need a name, since you clearly can't give your own... How about... Maximilian. Or maybe just Max. Either one." The Nidoran nodded, climbing into his open hand. The new trainer picked up his newfound partner, and the two started north once again, hopefully in the right direction...

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