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Re: UPN PASBL: Sneasel 12 vs. TerminatorTotodile

Round Eighteen
Koi: The round starts with TT's Croc getting ahead of the game, despite her obvious exhaustion. She paddles up to her sleeping enemy, and Slashes her in her sleep. This, of course, wakes her up before she can Snore. Getting a little bit of the grogginess still left over from such constant sleeping, Mizuhouhi is delayed a little in his next attack, giving TT's Croc a second to act. Both of the reptilian water-goers go up to each other and deliver Slashes across each other's chests. TT's Croc has hit her breaking point now, and finally falls over, fainted.

Koi: Thank God. *shot*

Koi: Crocanaw is unable to battle! TerminatorTotodile, please send out your next Pokemon!

At the end of the round...

Pupurin: Mizukouhi's breathing is decently now. Health is now nearing 1/4th, but is slightly closer to the halfway between half and 1/4th.

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