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Re: UPN PASBL: Sneasel 12 vs. TerminatorTotodile

Round Sixteen
Koi: Can I just KO both of them now? *shot*

Koi: Fine, fine. The Rest-fest continues with more of the same.

Quark: *falls asleep*

Koi: TT's Croc has something to say about that though (thank god)! She goes up to Slash her doppleganger, but she shifts in her sleep, and the attack doesn't land completely. The shock of the attack does wake her up, though, but Mizukouhi responds with a couple grumbles and more Resting. Shrugging, TT's Croc follows suit and Rests herself.

Koi: Sh*nx. *shot*

At the end of the round...

Pupurin: TT's Croc's energy should be a good bit over half if she sleeps for her prescribed minute.

Pupurin: Mizukouhi's energy should be about at 1/4th next round. She slept first so she'll wake first. Simple. Health is roughly between half and 1/4th.

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