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Originally Posted by Prof.Enigma View Post
Its the season of snow cold and Xmas cheer. Take your updates and go be jolly

Meetan: 40 -> 36
Picking up a 9th December candy.
Depositing three chocolate candies from the Galar event.
Picking up a December 17th candy.
Picking up a December 24th candy.
Using all 42 candies on Kenji the Krabby to boost him from level four to 46. Eyyy I'm candy broke again!
Picking up a 30th December candy! Final candy of 2019 ftw.
Depositing two rare candies from the GTS.
Depositing a 6th January candy.
Depositing five candies from the Raid Rewards.
Depositing a 13th January candy.
Withdrawing ten candies for the GTS! Woot I'm broke again lmao.
Depositing a January 20th candy.
Depositing two candies from Lunar New Year.

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