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HP Ice from that Mega Manectric was able to kill Lando-T, then I did calcs and realized that Lando-T's own HP Ice can kill other Lando-T. I knew Lando ran it for coverage, but I didn't think it killed. I don't use Lando much so I was previously unaware of this interaction.

Coming off the stronger 130 SpA, I thought Zygarde would also go down to the HP Ice. The inability to deal with that Pokemon is why I ended up going back to Kyurem-B.

88 turns to kill stall, I could hear the seething through my computer screen when I set up the Stealth Rock. That was what won in the end.

KB is pretty dumb with the sub set but we need wallbreakers like this to break stall cores. Dynamax isn't enough.
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