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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
Time: 00:13:10
Blew through one of the arcade modes ta cap off a year of playing this weekly. Think I've got about as much outta this game as I'm gonna an with basically the death of fight money theres even less incentive to tune in weekly. Can just clean up the easy arcade mode endings I'm missing an retire!

Resident Evil 2 - Leon: A
Time: 03:13:24
Classic Edition needless to say! Have not played this in a super long time but I still had leftover saves with NG+ super weapons soooo I cheesed it anyhow! Unlimited rockets and a guide handy still weren't enough to keep me from needing to heal a bunch and I still got plenty creeped out and unnerved. The sound effects man~ Also it was like 2 hours until the first boss and then they basically didn't let up after that!

Resident Evil 2 - Claire: B
Time: 02:57:34
So ya having not played in so long there was tons I forgot! Like that Moth "boss". Seriously what even was that thing. An with them gaps in my memory I expected to get spooked in places where nothing happens and then got REALLY spooked in ones where they do @[email protected] Really short, really good game that holds up well! An that B-side end credits music is still boss.
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