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Originally Posted by Loki View Post
The problem I have is that in my younger years, shit like anime and comics were 'nerdy' and everyone expected you to be the antisocial, non-bathing, basement dwelling troglodyte. Now every asshole thinks they're awesome wearing a Deadpool shirt when they've likely never read anything expect like the few excerpt jokes people post on the internet.
That stereotype hasn't gone away. Someone else mentioned it here, but if you drop something like "Crisis of Infinite Earths" to someone wearing said Deadpool shirt, you're immediately perceived as geeky swine.

Because, as I said, what is "superheroes" now is a regurgitated cud of comic book mythos. It's very telling that origin stories tend to be the staple of the superhero film, where Disney is more than willing to reboot a franchise every couple years rather than develop the plot/characters of the universe.

For one, I always found sequences awkward. Ghostbusters 2 is weird because I don't even remember the guys from the first film. There was a black guy in the original and he wasn't just added into the second? etc. Origins stories introduces the characters all over again, relives the entry drama over again, without having to invest in the lives of the characters.

It's representative of the fans you dislike. Ask how Batman or Superman came to be, they know. Ask how Luthor died, they probably couldn't answer (nor could I). Ask who Lobo or Madame Webb are, and they'll give you weird looks (superhero hobo, Aunt May after Peter gave a blood transfusion?). That's cause all the mythos more or less agree on the origins story, but not the end.

Originally Posted by Loki View Post
And anime isn't exactly 'all unique' material. So many series are influenced and recycle ideas from other series like Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Gundam, and Battle Royale to name a few.

Even One Punch Man pays homage to so many comic book heroes, especially Superman. While Saitama certainly isn't as godly as the American icon, he's certainly got his strength and invulnerability, but is refreshing with a more honest character personality and pathos.
Saitama's great because in spite of his awesome power, he's still got the personality of an ordinary guy. Not unlike his real life counterpart, who suddenly got vast power despite his humble lifestyle and intense daily routine.
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