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Shingeki no Kyojin was a lot bigger in Japan than the US, but it's almost been the reverse for OPM. Don't get me wrong - OPM is hugely popular in Japan too, but not amongst casual folks, it's mostly been an industry and niche favourite. I say "industry" because while OPM has a nominally normal budget, the animators who worked on it put in a lot of work because they not only loved the source material, but also wanted to outdo one another on who would animate the most spectacular part.

SnK, meanwhile, isn't well loved amongst the industry or the "otaku". If I recall, a bunch of young animators complained about how hard it was to work on SnK. This is also reflected in the DVD sales, I think - SnK is all but guaranteed for a second season once enough material is available, and the Chuugakou omake is meant to help raise money toward that. OPM needs both material and money, since DVD sales are kind of average.

It's a shame because the upcoming major arc is incredible and blows what the anime covered out of the water.
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