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Read this on the chans.

Originally Posted by Yotsuba
People DON'T believe hard work is enough. People think "if you succeed in something, it must be because you got there by cheating".

Why is "He trained hard" not believable? Is it because "characters who trained hard" had been shat on by shonen manga for decades, being the stepping stone for heroes who have the genes or gifts that made them able to effortlessly win against those who trained harder than they?
It's very accurate. I cannot for the life of me think of a single example of a main character who had no special talents, lineage or advantages and basically became a god through hard work alone. And not any hard work, the kind that anyone with proper dedication could achieve.

Every single story involves a guy having some inborn talent or advantage that bequeaths distinguishment. Saitama did it on hard work alone!
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