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Round 4: WTF. Just... WTF. Seriously.

The round starts with Amu YET AGAIN leaping forwards to bite Riolu, her Fangs charged with Thunder. As she makes contact Shadow...

Kobani: Are you kidding me? 1? Why is this thing so mean?!

He flinches back, which according to Jeri, causes him to skip his first move. Shadow seems rather annoyed that he wasn’t able to vent his frustration, but he is rather glad that the bite knocked the paralysis out of him. He proceeds to Dance, his head filled with thoughts of Swords. He then leers evilly, charging up his fist with his Focused thoughts, bringing it up to the maximum charge before bringing it forwards for a Punch. Luck seems to have taken a turn for brandan (for once) and Amu’s dodge falls short, allowing Shadow to hit her full in the side, sending her tumbling head over paws. As the round ends, the light from the sand grows even brighter, making both battlers wince at the brightness. Also, the heat grows, causing some steam to begin to rise from the sea.

Yin: ...Amu took damage. A lot. She’s almost at the halfway point. Shadow doesn’t have time to play around though- he is at the halfway point.

Yang: Okay, now Shadow’s used more energy. A small ways into his second HB. Amu’s done her second HB.

Ran: Amu’s Charge boost is gone. However, I still get to stick around, as Shadow just got a swords dance boost.

Lilly: It’s getting really bright. And really hot. And you guys are about 2 meters away.

North & South: brandan first, Eevee second, let’s gogogo!
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People should watch what they enjoy regardless of what others think, even if it's a terribad guilty pleasure.
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Though, I also dislike the concept of lamenting the current day while wishing to re-experience the past. At least, my modern attitude is to try and make each new day magical even if it's not, since exclusively reminiscing about the past is too pathetic.
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