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The Labyrinth of Koros
Meetan: You despair, hopelessly frustrated by the puzzles this maze keeps throwing at you, but some motivational chirping from Torchic gets you back on your feet looking for clues, triggers, anything that might explain why you walked all the way here just to wind up in what appears to be a dead end room. Resting your hands on the wings of the statue, you wonder if perhaps they might not be levers that can be pushed down to activate some sort of mechanical mechanism. In order to push down on them, you'd have to crawl up on the statue. But perhaps you could pull down on them? You place your hands atop the wings and give a gentle pull downward. Nothing. You pull downward again, this time a little harder. Soon you're hanging off of the wings, your legs pulled up behind you in midair, dragging down on them with all the weight of your body. Nothing. When you see that they're not budging, you give up on this and head towards the archway that led into the room. "Maybe there was some sort of inscription up there," you reckon. You go back under the archway and after taking a few steps into the hallway you turn around to face the arch. Nothing. The stones which form the arch are no more special than those which form the adjoining walls. They look weathered but sturdy and show no signs of inscriptions or levers or any other sort of clues as to what might help you in this room.

You wonder if the room really is just a dead end. But it can't be a dead end ... can it? Your thoughts turn to the water babbling over the top of the circular wall and cascading down the sides. Maybe if I follow this water back to its soruce, you speculate ... And so thinking, you climb back up onto the well for the second time: and this time you face the wall and see if you can reach the top. But no matter how hard you stretch, it's no use: the wall is far taller than you are, and even with the added height boost from the perimeter channel you're not able to reach quite that high. The front of your shirt is now soaking wet. So are your feet. You climb back off of the well-channel, your feet making *squick squick* noises as you walk.

Where else haven't I looked?, you ask yourself. You've looked at the ceiling -- or rather, the closest thing to a ceiling this room has got. You've looked at the statue's wings. What else about this room stands out? Is there anything in here which seems suspicious or out of the ordinary? Is there any place I haven't looked yet? And as you ponder these questions, in the distance you can hear the roaring of the terrible beast. You can't be certain but it has probably reached the dried-up aquachamber. You only hope that a 30-foot divide that goes down some sixty feet is enough to keep it at bay.

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