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Please only read the below if you are both watching the anime and have already finished Dangan Ronpa.

Dangan Ronpa final two chapters spoilers (Episode 10 of the anime [newest one + the final 3 episodes]):

Spoiler: show
It's making me squirm watching how they are piecing together the events of Ikusaba Mukuro's death. It's almost hard to believe redpanda was able to figure out that much on his own without some sort of spoiler...

I can't be alone here, right? Anyone else reading their comments and just like 'Holy crap, I can't believe they're actually piecing the puzzle together!' However, I'm surprised by this point that no one has suggested the possibility of an apocalypse scenario and the school being a shelter. I had already suspected and theorized that a chapter before the one the anime is currently on... to see that they're speculating on things like crazy science fiction theories such as clones and robots and virtual reality tests but not the apocalypse sort of baffles me a bit. Ah well.
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