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If Dangan Ronpa blew your mind, then Ever17 would vaporize it. I encourage you to check it out. Best of all, you can play it for yourself -- in English! It's a survival mystery about a small number of people trapped hundreds of feet beneath the surface of the ocean in an underwater theme park. It's a great game that is on many Top 5 lists for best visual novels of all time. YMMV but if you loved Dangan Ronpa then you should really love Ever17.

Another one you could try is its cousin, Remember11. It's about four people trapped in a log cabin on a mountain during a terrible snowstorm following the crash of their airplane ... as well as four people in a small sanitorium, one of whom the protagonist immediately recognizes to be a famous serial killer with dissociative identity disorder. (And for the record, Remember11 was published in 2004, so ...) I don't want to give too much more away, but suffice to say that the story has to do with psychology and theoretical physics. Like Ever17, Remember11's one you can play for yourself in English.
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