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And I knew you... pigtails and all. Girls when they fall.

The last thing Gemini would want to do is harm Vanth, but if her personalities could not resolve their differences, a thunderbolt would be inevitable. Thinking fast, Gemini offers the personalities the suggestion of joining them on a beautiful, serene hilltop.

"Hilltops are boring... but at least they don't smell," one of the more negative personalities concedes. "I want to go," another chimes in happily. "Can we go? Will you take us there? We want to see this hilltop."

Melittin seemed to understand the moral of Cheshire's story, and the Gastly grins as wide as ever. "If you trust in your trainer, you will find your true strength," he adds. "Your trainer is kin to me. I know he is worthy of your trust. In the meantime..." A deck of cards materializes in Cheshire's hand, which he shuffles with a flourish. "Would you like to play War?" A General hat materializes on the Gastly's head as he chuckles.

The discussion of Keith's long-lost sister fills him with a deep longing, and Myrtle is quick to capitalize on her trainer's negative emotions. At the mention of Helena, however, something seems to connect within Keith's mind: Helena. The name suddenly took on a meaning that Keith had long forgotten, and the realization struck him hard. Coselle immediately senses this change in emotion, and gently takes hold of his hand, trying to support him as best as she can. Given the undertone of dawning comprehension in his overwhelming emotional reaction, Coselle had an idea of what might be going on. Maintaining a level-headed presence, she gently squeezes Keith's hand, silently communicating that she was there for him.

The trainer murmurs Helena's name, and recalls, with some measure of shock, that Helena was the name of his long-lost sister as well. Coselle nods solemnly at Keith's revelation, her own mind reeling behind her calm exterior. If what Keith was suggesting was true, then she and Helena had a lot more in common than she initially thought... Both members of the Shuppet evolutionary family with living, human younger siblings who had become their trainers... There would be much to discuss, indeed. In many ways, Coselle hoped that it would be true, if only to have someone who would relate to what she had gone through with her little sister, Marion.

After consulting with Myrtle, Keith calls out Helena, going through a series of questions which strike Helena as some sort of odd mindreading. More and more, it seemed as if Keith's theory may very well be true... To settle the matter once and for all, Myrtle provides both Keith and Helena with separate pieces of paper, and instructs them to write their last names without the other peeking. In the tearful moment when both realize that they have written the same last name, Coselle lets go of Keith's hand and gives him a gentle push forward, as if urging him to go embrace his sister. Helena zooms into Keith's arms, and the pair embrace for the first time as brother and sister, overcome with the sheer joy of reuniting as family.

Coselle remains silent, not wanting to spoil the moment for either of them. Indeed, her own mind was overwhelmed with the memory of Marion seeing her human form for the first time in the hospital after her terrible incident. In spite of her condition, her eyes had such brightness, such life... The pale-haired woman who meant so much to Coselle opened her arms wide, with tears in her eyes, calling her "sister" for the first time in twenty years. In spite of herself, Coselle ran to her, embracing her so tightly that the poor girl could barely breathe. They wept like little girls, unabashed and naive and pure in their joy. She would never want to interrupt such a moment. Not for the world.

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