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Shuckle Round 7: In Which Things Happen

With a little awkward flapping of wings and glowing of eyes, Butterfree summons a ghostly image of the sun, which floats between her claws before zooming up towards the sky and joining with the actual sun (way out in space!), causing a massive solar flare that streaks about six miles from the sun's actual surface and pinpoints the location of the sea arena.

A small whirlpool forms as an inch of water for miles around is evaporated instantly, and the ice on Butterfree's body melts a little bit; it's about half the size it was. If the sun continues, the ice will be gone by the end of the next round.

Meanwhile, Jules has summoned his own orb, a Water Pulse, which he launches gleefully at his airborne opponent. The Water Pulse collides with Butterfree's head, missing the icy patch entirely. This results in a higher chance for confusion...which unfortunately is not taken advantage of, as the RNG dips just barely below the 60% mark (5 and fails to confuse. However, the force of impact does daze Butterfree a bit, which causes her to flap somewhat erratically about before starting her attack.

Concentrating hard, she establishes a mental link, which materializes as a thin green beam of light, and absorbs a fantastic amount of health (along with a huge amount of energy).

Jules shrugs off the Giga Drain and launches a Water Pulse, which strikes the ice and dislodges a large shard. The ice should be gone halfway through next round, depending on the orders. Butterfree took only partial damage from the hit, and un/fortunately did not become confused. (diminished chance for confusion didn't matter as the RNG declared a 3

Jules burned up a lot of energy, some of it stolen by his opponent. He's sitting a long way below the midpoint but fortunately not at the fourth hyper beam mark yet. For health, he is faring nastily, but fortunately for him he hasn't taken damage until this point. He's about halfway between the midpoint and the first quarter of energy.

Butterfree is doing perfectly in energy terms; the Giga Drain was good for her. She's a short distance below full. For health, she moved back above the midpoint again with that healing move, but the Water Pulses knocked her back under it...she's still better off than she was.

SphealDrill to order.
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