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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
MM and Iron, you'll be a part of my group. Naru, you'll be with Connor. Welcome to the Isles, you three!

Missingno. Master: You make your way from the port farther in land, to Orta Lake with help from a few settlers on the island. Most comment on your Meowth's speech or Aster's colors. Wne or two make a snide remark towards Meowth about how maybe he could "fix the bond between Pokemon and people" like the natives say. Finger quotes included, of course. But as a whole, they are generally helpful and get you where you need to go. You journey onto a lightly forested path. You stay there until a large, open clearing of grass stretches out before you, and even then you can still see the lake stretch out for at least a mile or two. The blue water calls to you and your fishing rod.

You're able to easily find the fishing shack. It's a simple wooden building a few yards from the waterfront. As far as you can tell, it's the only proper building on this side of the lake. Occasionally, you see tents and small docks set up around the outer edge, but nothing permanent. Assuming this is what you're looking for, you approach. You don't see much on the porch a sign sitting on their front door that says "Ruddson's Fishing Shack." Apparently, this is the place. You open the door and enter, and you're met by a rustic establishment, with cushioned, tacky-patterned chairs sitting on most sides. Two people handling some fishing supplies stand behind the counters.

The man behind the counter is digging through a classic tackle box, bright orange and all. He seems of average height, with tan skin and salt and pepper hair and a goatee. He looks over to the woman to his left, who's sorting through a giant stack of rolls of fishing line. She has brown skin and dark, shoulder length hair. Both are wearing orange baseball caps with an R on the front, and they both look to be in their late 30s or early 40s. The man speaks up to the woman. "Hon, did you see those extra Wishiwashi lures? I'm not sure where they could've gone..." He pulls out a yellow tackle, and looks it over.

"Nope. Maybe those kids took them out on the water?" The woman says, placing up another roll on a shelf. As she turns around, she notices you and goes to tap on the man's shoulder. "Uh, Jack." You notice a necklace hanging from her neck, a wooden circle with a symbol you can't quite recognize. She doesn't look like any of the settlers or tourists you've seen on your way here.

"Jeeze, I hope no- Oh! Sorry man, didn't see you there." The man says as he finally looks . He fixes his hat and greets you. "Hey! The name's Jack, Jack Ruddson. How can we help you today?" Jack closes up the tackle box he was working on and the woman beside him starts moving the fishing line below the counter. With your destination reached, what will you do?
The journey to Orta Lake was assisted largely by some of the settlers on the island. Some of them did indeed have a thing or two to say regarding Meowth's ability to speak, or the fact that Aster was Shiny (which unfailingly caused the Mareanie to blush every time). There were the odd snide remarks about Meowth, but in general, they were helpful people, and they gave Keith a very good first impression of the Minnao Archipelago.

"Ahh, this must be the place," Keith grinned, spotting the fishing shack. A simple wooden building not far from the water, and as near as he could see, the only proper building in the area. As he approached, he saw further evidence that this was the place- a sign on the door naming the place as Ruddson's Fishing Shack. This was indeed the place, and with that, he entered.

The interior of the fishing shack had a rustic appearance to it, and more to the point, two people were behind the counter. They didn't notice Keith right away, and thus were going on about missing fishing lures or something. The woman was the first one to notice Keith, and she got the man's attention, Jack being his name. Finally, Jack noticed Keith as well, and introduced himself properly as Jack Ruddson. He greeted Keith, asking how they could help him.

And Keith knew exactly how. "Well, I recently got this Fishing Rod here," he said, indicating the Fishing Rod in his hand. "And... well, I don't know the first thing about fishing," he admitted sheepishly. "I don't suppose you might be willing to teach me a thing or two?" he asked. "I'm Keith, by the way. Keith Masters. This here is Meowth, and this is Aster," he added, introducing his Pokémon.

"Hey," Meowth greeted Jack Ruddson.

"...reanie..." Aster murmured shyly.

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