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Magikarp Update Set 2

MM and Iron, you'll be a part of my group. Naru, you'll be with Connor. Welcome to the Isles, you three!

Sandaa: As soon as you give the OK, the kids immediately rush Aero. The boy in yellow takes a seat in front of Aero's head and starts petting his head and mumbling to himself. You try to listen in, but he's talking so softly that all you can catch is "Good Mantine. You swim so good..." The group's Marill seems to be particularly attached to this boy. They sit down next to the boy as well, pushing and nuzzling into his side. You can tell they're obviously trying to get his attention, but the boy seems almost entranced by Aero's rough skin. The girl in pink wades into the water a bit and stands behind Aero, trying to get onto his back. Aero looks uncomfortable, to say the least. You can hear the girl quietly make noise too, making vroom noises. Her hand motions as she stands in the water, her stomach on the back half of Aero, show her piloting Aero across the sea like a car. The thought occurs to you - Aero definitely deserves something for putting up with this mess.

But, the girl in yellow seems much more relaxed. She takes a seat much like her match, sitting next to Aero's wing. She listens intently to you. Her friends have not been doing the same, clearly too distracted with your Mantine. As you talk and gesture to Aero's back, she rubs it gently. It's obvious to you she's trying as hard as she can not to hurt him, and as she touches his back, she flinches a little bit. When you mention sharks, she turns to you and her eyes light up. "Sharks? Like Sharpedo?" She says, mouth wide with excitement. "My dad has one of those! He used to be a trainer, and he's really good! He doesn't let me pet the Sharpedo, though." The girl looks at the ground with her last sentence.

The girl in pink pushes off of Aero with a bit too much force. You hear the Mantine beneath her grunt a little bit. "Yeah! Uncle Bill is so strong! He always beats my dad whenever they battle." She spits out, running over to her cousin, who immediately asks: "Do you think you could beat my dad? He's a really, super good battler. He hasn't battled much in a while, but he's got like, 6 badges from the Hoenn league!" With the gauntlet thrown down by these kids on behalf of their family, what will you do?

Sparkbeat: See Update Set 1.

ABL: Holai nods to Dreamer next to you. "Pleasure to meet the both of you. No need to bow. I am no greater." He says, and bows back to you. "Truthfully, I'd prefer a guest. Anyone who chooses to be here with Manaphy, an outsider no less, might be interested in what my guest has to say. And I'm sure they won't mind. No worry, I assure you." He looks back out at the village. He rolls his shoulders back and adjusts his posture a bit, stretching out before returning to his slight hunch. He glances at the shrine once more and smiles. "Well, come along if you'd like." He starts back down the stairs, and after a step or two in, he turns back to you.

"By the way, what was in that package of yours?" Holai says, and nods to the shrine. You look back to where he gestured. Where you had left your leaf wrapped gift, there is nothing there but the stone pedestal.

The trip down the stairs feels twice as slow as Holai's ascent. You briefly consider passing him, but erring on the side of respect leads you to take your time. You glance at the stairs beneath you and the waters to either side. Dreamer does the same, though a bit more impatiently, rubbing into your legs. She notices a pebble on the step below her and nudges it into the stream to the side. You see a smile on Holai's face.

He leads you into his simple home. There is not much inside. He owns a bed to the corner in the back right, a counter including a few cabinets and a stone basin with a grate on top on the left wall, and a table with two chairs. All but the basin is made of wood, clearly re-purposed from other projects. He gestures for you to take a seat and you do. Dreamer follows beside you. Holai goes to the basin and lights a match from a drawer, setting some sort of wood in the basin ablaze. He pulls out a kettle, draws some water from what seems to be a trapdoor leading to a stream below, and sets it to boil. As he does this, he talks across the room to you. "I'd like to thank you for being so respectful to the Altar. Not all outsiders are, and since they've begun to visit Cordina's Peak, I've spent a bit more time on cleaning and repairs." He leaves the kettle on the grate, the flames licking at the dull metal, and Holai takes a seat at the table with you. "If you don't mind answering, why have you come to the Altar?" He speaks even softer and gentler than before. You weren't quite sure that was possible. His eyes are small and black from where you sit, but full of emotion. "Manaphy's heart is open to all, and if you are struggling with connecting with another person or Pokemon, he is certainly the one to talk to." Holai folds his hands under his chin. "But it's just so very rare to see someone care about our culture or patron." There is a sadness to his voice. There is no threat to his words, but he seems so confused. With the question posed to you, what do you do?

Missingno. Master: You make your way from the port farther in land, to Orta Lake with help from a few settlers on the island. Most comment on your Meowth's speech or Aster's colors. Wne or two make a snide remark towards Meowth about how maybe he could "fix the bond between Pokemon and people" like the natives say. Finger quotes included, of course. But as a whole, they are generally helpful and get you where you need to go. You journey onto a lightly forested path. You stay there until a large, open clearing of grass stretches out before you, and even then you can still see the lake stretch out for at least a mile or two. The blue water calls to you and your fishing rod.

You're able to easily find the fishing shack. It's a simple wooden building a few yards from the waterfront. As far as you can tell, it's the only proper building on this side of the lake. Occasionally, you see tents and small docks set up around the outer edge, but nothing permanent. Assuming this is what you're looking for, you approach. You don't see much on the porch a sign sitting on their front door that says "Ruddson's Fishing Shack." Apparently, this is the place. You open the door and enter, and you're met by a rustic establishment, with cushioned, tacky-patterned chairs sitting on most sides. Two people handling some fishing supplies stand behind the counters.

The man behind the counter is digging through a classic tackle box, bright orange and all. He seems of average height, with tan skin and salt and pepper hair and a goatee. He looks over to the woman to his left, who's sorting through a giant stack of rolls of fishing line. She has brown skin and dark, shoulder length hair. Both are wearing orange baseball caps with an R on the front, and they both look to be in their late 30s or early 40s. The man speaks up to the woman. "Hon, did you see those extra Wishiwashi lures? I'm not sure where they could've gone..." He pulls out a yellow tackle, and looks it over.

"Nope. Maybe those kids took them out on the water?" The woman says, placing up another roll on a shelf. As she turns around, she notices you and goes to tap on the man's shoulder. "Uh, Jack." You notice a necklace hanging from her neck, a wooden circle with a symbol you can't quite recognize. She doesn't look like any of the settlers or tourists you've seen on your way here.

"Jeeze, I hope no- Oh! Sorry man, didn't see you there." The man says as he finally looks . He fixes his hat and greets you. "Hey! The name's Jack, Jack Ruddson. How can we help you today?" Jack closes up the tackle box he was working on and the woman beside him starts moving the fishing line below the counter. With your destination reached, what will you do?

Ironthunder: Your first priority upon reaching the lake has been establishing a little picnic for your team. Your Pokemon gather around for food, and you have a quick snack as you prep drawing materials and all. A little time passes, and you've been drawing for most of it, keeping an eye out for your Pokemon. You have a decent piece in your sketchbook. There's a pencil sketch of the scenery around you, plus a few doodles of the flowers Kait, was looking at before on another page. The main attraction before you gives plenty of inspiration. A small bit of grassland makes up the foreground as the earth sinks into the water, which is large and expansive, covering at least a square mile or two. Caeda was completely right in believing there had to be some sort of prey out there. To your right, you can see two mountains stretching into the sky. The land slowly slopes down from their left across and behind the lake, miles away from where you sit. It's a beautiful place to be.

As you've been drawing, your Pokemon have been generally peaceful. Your Skarmory has been by your side for the most part, watching the waters for signs of motion to snatch her own food. Hope has hovered near by as well. But Kait, your curious Petlil, has wandered towards the water's edge once again. Before you can warn her to come back, you hear the sound of rushing water. The surface of the water is suddenly disturbed. Your Petlil quickly moves backwards, spinning about as she tries to shake off something. She shakes vigorously and looks towards you. She's soaking wet! With something certainly afoot with Orta Lake, what do you do?
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