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Brave Saix: Having recalled Julian, you make your way towards the port, intending to acquire transportation to the Alloy Atoll. As you finally manage to walk into the main area of the port, you can see your destination in the distance, the floating platform hanging on the horizon. The port itself was bustling with activity, sailors moving here and there bringing in fishing hauls or other exports to be moved around the island. Thankfully though, there are pretty clear signs leading towards the ferry taking trainers towards the Atoll. The research center had recently set up the service to allow trainers enlisted as
helpers easy access to the Atoll itself. Finding a spot on the ferry, it doesn't take long for the modern ship to strike a course to the Atoll, and you disembark to find yourself in a starkly contrasting world.

Wherever your eyes turn, the shiny modern styling of the Atoll hung around you, a chunk of metal hovering in a foreign world of blue. The gentle bustling of the waves below is drowned out by the shouts of scientists running here and there, sharing documents and information about their current fancies. They were all similarly dressed in overbearing white coats and safety goggles ... but one person stands out as strange among the crowd. While he wore the white coat, his underlay clothes were starkly different to the normal, office style attire of the others. A brightly coloured shirt pictured numerous fish Pokemon against a background of nearly iridescent blue, a straw hat hanging on his head. For whatever reason, you felt that this was probably the man you were intended to meet - he certainly fit the description of an eccentric.
Disembarking the boat Sypher found himself off put by just how over done the place seemed. He understood the need for sterility, but the air of formality weighed on him. Finding his soon to be employer and noticing his rather informal attire, he loosed a sign of release. Coming up to the man, Sypher offered his hand. "Do you have a Chinchou hidden somewhere on that masterpiece of a shirt? The name's Sypher Durant, and I am here to help you with your dig."
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