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TheKnightsFury: The burly fisherman looks down at you as you gesture towards Jormungand, the Magikarp looking back with wide yet focused eyes, a flickering determination hanging within the body of the weak beast. He seemed uninterested by the rest of your speech, the big man edging past you to walk towards the water. Bending his frame down, he still towers high, his true stature becoming evident. His hand subconsciously scratched at his beard as he scrutinises Jormungand, gingerly running his hands over the scales of the Magikarp. Suddenly standing up, he turns back towards you, a gleam now present in his eyes and a wide grin spreading across his face.

"It's a mighty fine specimen you got here, lad. A tough little scamp, no doubt about it. You say you want ideas for some training, eh? I might have something that could help you out. We can head out onto the lake, if you like. A small word of warning though, Magikarp who evolve too early can be ... unruly. The change is exactly that - and it's drastic."

The man touches a scar on his right arm which you had only just noticed in an absentminded manner, his thoughts seemingly drifting elsewhere for a brief moment before he brings himself back to the present.

"Anyway, a fishing lesson too, eh, laddie? Not asking much, are ya?"

His jovial nature returned in kind, a bellowing warm laugh accompanying his question. Before you can respond in any manner, he walks forwards, clapping you on the back rather forcefully.

"Must admit I like that about a fella though. Names Jackson. Pleased to meet you."

Brave Saix: Having recalled Julian, you make your way towards the port, intending to acquire transportation to the Alloy Atoll. As you finally manage to walk into the main area of the port, you can see your destination in the distance, the floating platform hanging on the horizon. The port itself was bustling with activity, sailors moving here and there bringing in fishing hauls or other exports to be moved around the island. Thankfully though, there are pretty clear signs leading towards the ferry taking trainers towards the Atoll. The research center had recently set up the service to allow trainers enlisted as
helpers easy access to the Atoll itself. Finding a spot on the ferry, it doesn't take long for the modern ship to strike a course to the Atoll, and you disembark to find yourself in a starkly contrasting world.

Wherever your eyes turn, the shiny modern styling of the Atoll hung around you, a chunk of metal hovering in a foreign world of blue. The gentle bustling of the waves below is drowned out by the shouts of scientists running here and there, sharing documents and information about their current fancies. They were all similarly dressed in overbearing white coats and safety goggles ... but one person stands out as strange among the crowd. While he wore the white coat, his underlay clothes were starkly different to the normal, office style attire of the others. A brightly coloured shirt pictured numerous fish Pokemon against a background of nearly iridescent blue, a straw hat hanging on his head. For whatever reason, you felt that this was probably the man you were intended to meet - he certainly fit the description of an eccentric.

MedMana: Having decided that the rapids weren't suited for you, you move further down the riverbank, looking to strike out towards some of the rockier shallows of the river system. You walk for quite some while in your search, the sun hanging high above high in the sky feeling pleasant on your back rather than oppressively hot. Trainers wallow in the slacker areas of the river with their Pokemon, cheering and laughing - the area was generally framed with merriment, clearly a place where many happy bonds had been forged. Finally, you find yourself approaching a rockier area near a large bend in the river. The place was the ideal kind of spot where weary Pokemon would gather to rest their aching bodies, be that languishing in the pleasant beat of the sun or bathing in the shallows of the water.

As you approach though, a cheery laugh strikes your ears, hanging on the air. Turning, you see a young girl running towards you, a wide beaming grin on her face. Her tanned skin identifies her as a native, or at least someone who had spent a long time in the familiar sun of the Minnao Isles, and the way she greets you is polite and endearing. Her eyes were strikingly blue - a similar hue to the much calmer waters of the river in this area of the system. Looking up at you, the young girl extends a hand, pointing towards the rocks which reached into the waters.

"Hey there, are you here to look for Pokemon? I can tell you're a trainer, but you don't seem to be from around here. I can show you some awesome spots if you'd like? I was about to meet up with some of my friends, and you're welcome to tag along!"

The cheery easiness with which she talked to you was almost infectious, and it was clear that her intentions were pure, simply wanting to incorporate someone she had found on their own into her fun and games.

Jerichi: Walking barefoot, your pace somewhat reduced thanks to the slower pace of Helen as she plod alongside you, the rocky terrain surrounding the Sea Altar proves to leave the soles of your feet pettered with small marks where stones had decided to dig in for brief moments of pain. At first, your search for assistance seems to bear little fruit - despite the Sea Altar being a popular place of tourist interest due to the cultural significance of the area on the surroundings isles of Minnao, you find yourself largely alone at the site of worship. A few moments later though, a head rises in the distance, and a monk from the village slowly comes into view. His pale blue robes identified him as a follower of the Minnao faith, the serene colours reminiscent of the sea which accommodated their main beings of worship, Manaphy and Kyogre. As he drew closer, you manage to make out more of the mans features, and realise he can't be much older than yourself. His figure was stalwart, no doubt as a consequence of the manual labour the monks were well known for assisting the villagers of the area with. He stood fairly tall, but not imposingly so, with his head having been shaved of any hair as a means of worship. Noticing you, the monk walks towards you, giving a small bow of his head in greeting. Gesturing towards your sodden shoes, he stifles a small grin.

"I see you've come across some trouble there. If you think you can manage, I can take you to the nearby temple. We will be able to offer you a pair of sandals, much more accustomed for navigating the area. My name is Josiah, by the way."

The monk extends a hand intended to shake, his warm grin inviting and friendly.
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