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Saanda: Your arrival on the Red Beach is nontraditional, to say the least. As you soared across the sea on the back of Aero, the sea mist surrounding you, you looked out across the inlet and the swimmers within. Many people smiled and waved as Aero lifts off from the water and glides above the waves. You even hear one teenager cheer for the display, laughing with his friends. When you reach land once again, the red sand getting stuck in your toes despite your efforts, you look out across the inlet with a closer eye. It seems to be like any other beach, dotted by umbrellas and towels. The water itself seems a bit crowded. With the amount of wild Pokemon that live there, swimmers might be a disturbance, to say the least. The sound of small feet scattering sand below them catches your attention. It shakes you from your sightseeing, as you scan the sand closer to you. You can't help but notice the swarm of 3 kids, not much older than 10 or 11, sprinting towards you followed by a Marill.

"Mister! Mister trainer!" The fastest of the three shouted, a lively young girl wearing a bright pink swimsuit and a towel over her shoulder. She was flanked by another girl and a boy, both wearing yellow swimsuits. The girl also wears a yellow hat, and neither has a towel. They all bounce with excitement, looking up at you with wide eyes and back at each other. The girl in yellow whispers something in the pink girl's ear, glancing at Aero beside you and then looking up at you shyly.

"Is that your Mantine?" The pink girl says, before almost getting knocked over by the boy as a spits out a "Can we pet it?" The two stumble over each other in their excitement, but quickly bounce back up, giggling. The Marill hops forward before the group, looking up at you itself and back to Aero. You've never seen any Pokemon look so defensive, but something about it seems insulted - or at least, jealous. With this small crowd of curious kids before you, what will you do?
As he surfed up to the beach on Aero’s back, Gary noticed that he had attracted quite a bit of attention on the shore from many of the beachgoers. Once upon a time he would have shyly hidden in embarrassment, his former self having a strong aversion to being the center of attention. Gary was older now though, and from the jobs that he held during his journey hiatus, he had shed that shyness he used to possess. Standing out still wasn’t something he was totally fond of, but it wasn’t something he fretted over anymore.

Almost instantly after he set foot on the beach, Gary noticed three small children and a Marill running over to him. “Mister! Mister trainer!” they called out, waving their arms. Two young girls and one boy pointed at Aero excitedly. “Is that your Mantine? Can we pet it?” The Marill bristled at losing its place as the object of the children’s affection, but Gary smiled and paid it no heed. “Sure, why not?” he replied, guiding them over to shallow waves that caressed the shore. Aero patiently waited there, semi-beached in the sand. Being a fish, he needed to remain in the water to breath, but he could rest here for a short time at least.

“So this is Aero, the Mantine,” he told the children, a teacher-like quality from his former job coming out. “He may not be able to fly, but he has an eight foot wingspan, from tip to tip. If he gets enough speed, he can leap out of the water and soar in the air for up to over 300 feet!” He smiled and crouched down, petting his Mantine on the back. “Here, give him a pet right here. His skin is like sandpaper but it’s slick too. He might not look like it, but he’s a member of the shark and ray family. Don’t worry though, he doesn’t eat meat. Instead, he feeds on plankton and other small microscopic creatures.” Gary grinned, realizing that he was rambling, and hoped he wasn’t boring the kids to death.
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