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Red Beach: A beach encompassing a massive inlet to the island, most tourists spend their time in the gentle tides and bright sun here. Any wild Pokemon are often nervous of the recent influx of people, and tend to stick to the deepest part of the waters or have fled to the outskirts of the beach. Minnao protesters can sometimes be found here protecting natural Pokemon habitats. Please respond in indianred. This area is intended for Quick or Normal adventures.
Gary had just arrived back in the land of Fizzy Bubbles, the land of many ecosystems, and as he thought about which direction he would like to take his next adventure, the answer came quite quickly in his mind. He wanted to go to the ocean, a place he was quite fond of. He had already changed into proper attire; a short sleeved hoodie that was completely unzipped in the front to protect him from the sun and a pair of swim trunks so he could get wet without any worry. Climbing aboard his Mantine Aero’s back, the two surfed along the waves in pursuit of the Minnao Isles.

Once the sandy beaches were in sight, Gary patted Aero on the head. “We’re almost there, buddy!” Aero smiled happily and leapt out of the water, using a wave like a takeoff ramp and spread his large fishy wingspan to soar a short distance before splashing back onto the ocean’s surface. As they pulled up on the beach, Gary hopped off the Mantine and recalled him back into his pokeball. “Thanks for the lift!” he called out.

Gary pulled a pair of sandals out of his waterproof bag and stepped in them before he burned his feet on the hot sand. The sand itself was a remarkable red color, most likely from the rich sediment in a nearby reef. He could see that this beach was quite populated with tourists, but he wasn’t here to relax. He was here to explore and see what this rich ecosystem and wildlife had to offer.
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