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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
The Minnao Isles

A small island plopped a short ways away from the mainland of Fizzytopia, the Minnao Isles are a sparsely populated set of tiny islands known for peaceful waters and gentle weather. Something about the islands offer Water-typed Pokemon a home, and as a result, recent efforts have begun to promote it to trainers and common people as an excellent fishing location. These efforts are led by Thomas Wilkson, a frequent visitor of the island with his two children, Alden and Sara, on fishing trips. He’s often been quoted to say that the Minnao Isles are the nicest place he’s ever been to, and is always willing to help with new travelers to the islands.

However, travelers should be aware of the recent conflict. The native Minnao people of the island have begun to notice their Pokemon companions becoming more distant from them, and the old sacred lands are becoming overrun with tourists. While they are not opposed to new visitors, they are becoming increasingly concerned that construction of new settlements is ruining their connection to Manaphy, the patron Pokemon of the Minnao. These people can often be found by following carvings on trees and rocks of a fish-shaped symbol.

Whether you're​ just here for a peaceful fishing trip or to contribute to the island, we welcome you to the Isles. Have a great trip!


Alloy Atoll: Unlike the other structures made for New Redford, this ring of platforms in the sea to the east of the main island is made with little regard for the concerns of the Minnao. Scientists looking to deeply understand the unexplained phenomena occurring in the isles come out here to conduct experiments. More recently, wild Pokemon have been making active efforts to interfere with their research, and adventures looking for a proper quest would do well to check the New Redford Bulletin Board for researchers needing help. Please respond in gainsboro. This area is intended for Normal adventures.
A red-headed man, a fuzzy bat and a helmeted lemur wander out onto the beach having just finish their lunch at a seaside restaurant. The trio had split a seafood platter and a mixed berry salad. They were island hopping after the man, Sypher, and Jill the Noibat had participated in an annual egg hunt where they found and hatched the third member of their troupe, Julian the Passimian. Seeing this as a golden opportunity for some group bonding, Sypher lead them to a relatively empty section of the shoreline.

"Alright, this looks good," Sypher said stretching, "Julian how about you hand me your berry? I'll toss it and you two can race to get it and toss it back."

"Pass?" Julian looked at the down to the large berry that it kept, before holding it up to Sypher. Then suddenly a shadow passed between the pair disappearing with the berry.

"Noi, Noi!!" Jill had taken the opening to quickly swoop by and abscond with the berry yelling back to taunt the newcomer who quickly gave chase. Sypher laughed at the sudden ruckus before giving chase himself. The group ran back and forth along the width of the beach, Jill always narrowly avoiding being caught. Eventually the Noibat landed atop a palm hoping to catch her breath only to be met by Julian who deftly darted up the tree. She tried to fly away, but this pulled Julian along as he had taken hold of the berry. Thrown off balance the duo crashed to the soft sand below. The berry itself got loose, bouncing off of Sypher's nose before flying off somewhere.

"F***, not this again!. Are you two alright?" Sypher asked wincing in pain.



The pair of Pokémon groaned their confirmation as they picked themselves up. Julian then began to look around for his berry, and began to panic as it wasn't in the immediate area.

"Pass? Pass? PASS!"

"I'm glad you're both okay, that was a bit of a nasty fall. Julian, I think its over there by that Bulletin Board." Sypher said, patting Julian on the head to calm him down.

The trio proceeded over to the bulletin board retrieving the wayward berry. Sypher stopped to look over the board, noticing that there were several postings from researchers asking for help.

"Sounds fun, what do you two think?" Sypher asked to the others. Julian was too busy seeing to the well being of his berry to respond while Jill squealed in agreement. "Okay then, lets see what exactly they're looking for."
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