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Magikarp The Minnao Isles: A Fisherman's Paradise (Seasonal Zone)

The Minnao Isles

= Due to rough waters, the Minnao Isles is not accepting new intros. Sorry! =

A small island plopped a short ways away from the mainland of Fizzytopia, the Minnao Isles are a sparsely populated set of tiny islands known for peaceful waters and gentle weather. Something about the islands offer Water-typed Pokemon a home, and as a result, recent efforts have begun to promote it to trainers and common people as an excellent fishing location. These efforts are led by Thomas Wilkson, a frequent visitor of the island with his two children, Alden and Sara, on fishing trips. He’s often been quoted to say that the Minnao Isles are the nicest place he’s ever been to, and is always willing to help with new travelers to the islands.

However, travelers should be aware of the recent conflict. The native Minnao people of the island have begun to notice their Pokemon companions becoming more distant from them, and the old sacred lands are becoming overrun with tourists. While they are not opposed to new visitors, they are becoming increasingly concerned that construction of new settlements is ruining their connection to Manaphy, the patron Pokemon of the Minnao. These people can often be found by following carvings on trees and rocks of a fish-shaped symbol.

Whether you're​ just here for a peaceful fishing trip or to contribute to the island, we welcome you to the Isles. Have a great trip!


Cordina’s Peak: Named after a famous priestess, Cordina’s Peak is the religious center of the Minnao people. People from various tribes often travel here to make offerings to Manaphy for the health of their children, or to Kyogre for good weather. Here, the current head priest, Holai, attempts to heal the bonds between people and Pokemon on the island. While there isn’t much fishing opportunity here, with the only water truly available in the shallow pools of the Sea Altar, the locals are sure to need help with the daily goings on in the village. Please respond in deepskyblue. This area is intended for Normal adventures.

The Blue Valley: A little ways away from Cordina’s Peak, the valley formed by run- off from the water up top is filled mostly by an expansive river. Here, Pokemon are found on the shores of the river, and those willing to brave the waters to look into deep dwelling Pokemon must be careful for the winding rapids that happen downstream. Minnao teens often come into the valley searching for the Pokemon companion they bond with for life. Please respond in dodgerblue. This area is intended for Quick or Normal adventures.

Mioo Plains: The Mioo Plains are a little ways north of the valley, once the land flattens out a bit more- although a little bit too much, considering their nature as the over flooded floodplains. Many Minnao tribes build small towns across the plains, made mostly of wooden buildings on whatever land stands high enough. These towns are often deeply interconnected in culture and trade, and people there are mostly more than willing to help wandering trainers navigate the complex waters of the floodplains, as long as they promise not to disturb wild Pokemon for no reason. Please respond in mediumseagreen. This area is intended for Quick or Normal adventures.

Moilock Marsh: The northern fish tail-like part of the main island is a large dense wetland mostly made from water flowing in from the plains and even the Blue Valley above. Despite the marsh’s deep connections to the sea, something there keeps the water fresher than expected. The marsh is named for a Minnao man haunted by nightmares who was said to have gone out to the marsh in a fit of madness, never to be seen again. Here, many Pokemon are often spotted lurking below the water’s surface, aiming for the next boat they can flip over and soak the occupants. Please respond in olivedrab. This area is intended for Quick or Normal adventures.

The Mints: The Mints are the names for the small islands to the east of the main, fish shaped island. They are a wild and generally unkempt land, home to deep and complex jungles that few have entered (mostly because there’s little known reason to travel there). It is known that some people who disagreed with the past leadership of the Minnao once moved to these islands, but any other claims of rare Pokemon or ancient curses are currently unproven. Anyone looking to travel into the land is recommended to have a guide from either the Minnao or settlers familiar with the lands. Please respond in mediumspringgreen. This area is intended for Normal adventures.

Orta Lake: In the middle of the island, Orta Lake lives as a natural freshwater habitat and is one of the most popular fishing spots on the island. Fishing operations here are led by Jack and Maie Ruddson, in addition to healthy fishing habits. They operate a small fishing shack near the lake with their son, Mason. Any of the three are more than willing to show anyone, Minnao or traveler, the ropes of fishing. Please respond in fuchsia. This area is intended for Quick adventures.

Cordina Ocean: Most of the salt water surrounding the Minnao Isles is affectionately referred to as the Cordina Ocean by locals for the same famous priestess as Cordina’s Peak, and named so for it’s exotic name by settlers. Anyone with adequate skill on navigating the waters often makes money taking trainers out on the deep waters for simple fishing. Rare and interesting Pokemon are known to be drawn to the Isles, and this may be the best way to find migrating Pokemon from distant lands. Please respond in lightpink. This area is intended for Quick adventures.

Red Beach: A beach encompassing a massive inlet to the island, most tourists spend their time in the gentle tides and bright sun here. Any wild Pokemon are often nervous of the recent influx of people, and tend to stick to the deepest part of the waters or have fled to the outskirts of the beach. Minnao protesters can sometimes be found here protecting natural Pokemon habitats. Please respond in indianred. This area is intended for Quick or Normal adventures.

New Redford: The largest settlement on the island, New Redford can be found in the southern half of the main island, near the Red Beach. It is a relatively small town, mostly consisting of small hotel, general stores, gift shops, and ports on every space the town can fit them. Thomas Wilkson can often be found here, supporting nearby building efforts. Fishing time is better spent elsewhere on the island, but the construction crew is always looking for help. Please respond in darkgoldenrod. This area is intended for Normal adventures.

Alloy Atoll: Unlike the other structures made for New Redford, this ring of platforms in the sea to the east of the main island is made with little regard for the concerns of the Minnao. Scientists looking to deeply understand the unexplained phenomena occurring in the isles come out here to conduct experiments. More recently, wild Pokemon have been making active efforts to interfere with their research, and adventures looking for a proper quest would do well to check the New Redford Bulletin Board for researchers needing help. Please respond in gainsboro. This area is intended for Normal adventures.

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