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Yakuza 6: The Song of Life
Getting the game for $40 just 2 months after launch was a good deal to me both in price and time I didn't mind sitting out! I expect this one will make up for the massive failings of 0 an to a lesser extent Kiwami. Hopefully?

Final Fantasy VII
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My yearly playthrough of this game was focused on magic this time around! Magic! MAGIC! SPAM IT HARDER!!!!! Basic physically attacks were seen at an astonishingly low rate! Even limits were few & far between cause I kept everyone in the back row since magic power doesn't increase/decrease based on range. Stuff can be real powerful and its expense skyrockets as it levels. An I'm talkin' plain old Green materia magic, not summons or enemy skills though those did see some usage. An in the end Sephiroth gets blasted into oblivion never to be seen again... until next year...
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