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My long journey to find a loot shooter to fritter away my days may have come to an end. I may also have problems.

-Of the loot shooters I've played recently, this one is probably most my speed. Destiny 2 is a trash fire I've bitched about earlier in this thread and The Division--while much better than I expected--is still comparatively grounded by trying to maintain some level of realism despite the fact that you're playing one of Tom Clancy's future combat wet dreams. Meanwhile, Warframe is happy to hang closer to the sword-firing shotgun end of the continuum while you rocket through levels murdering everyone like Sonic the Hedgehog's workplace shooting.

-A space ninja for every flavor. Sword ninjas! Gun ninjas! Ice ninjas! Fire ninjas! Chinese twink ninjas! Mummy ninjas! Pirate ninjas! Ninja ninjas!

-They took a page from Destiny's rival faction system by making all the Syndicates you can ally with some flavor of psychotic asshole to the point where choosing any of them on a non-insane moral axis is totally pointless, so you may as well go with the one that gives you the coolest shit. Seriously, one of the factions is a fanatical death cult formed by a literal sperg and another talks ominously about the need to return to "human purity" in a posthuman future where many of the galaxy's inhabitants are clones or were probably gene-tampered with by the asshole fallen precursor civilization. There's also a faction run by Thomas Friedman.

-It's F2P, but this needs to be understood in the context of having limited inventory space for your fancy new guns and warframes, and that extra space can only be bought with the game's premium currency. Since your account level (which controls access to which guns/frames you can use) is tied to how many of your individual guns and frames you have leveled in turn, this is the game's vaguely-subtle way of shaking its change cup at you. The slots are relatively cheap (and are arguably the best use of the game's premium spacebux), but get ready to open your wallet unless...

-You want to chinafarm for things to sell in trade chat, because premium currency is tradeable in game. Poor people with nothing but time on their hands performing mindless drudgery for the benefit of indifferent rich benefactors is so American you won't believe the game is run by a Canadian company.
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